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  1. Can I reset my password?

    Forgotten your password? Not a problem -simply Click here to reset your password and access your ... (read more)

  2. I have been locked out of my account. What can I do?

    For security reasons your Parcel2Go account locks after three failed login attempts, or three fai... (read more)

  3. Where can I download my invoice for payment?

  4. What is PrePay and how can I use it?

    PrePay is a really useful way of saving you time and money when you're booking your deliverie... (read more)

  5. How do I obtain a VAT invoice for the PrePay that I have credited to my account?

    A link to the invoice for PrePay will be e-mailed to you oncecredit yourParcel2Go account. If ... (read more)

  6. How do I change my account details?

    In order to change your account details, you must log in to your Parcel2Go account. You can ch... (read more)

  7. What is a courier surcharge/additional payment?

    A courier surcharge or underpayment charge is an additional charge issued to a sender by the cour... (read more)