No Printer? No Problem!

Here at Parcel2Go, we appreciate that you may not have access to a printer. Even if you do, sometimes unforeseen issues can crop up – we’ve all experienced a printer running out of ink or going ‘on the blink’ at the most inopportune times.

If you need to book a parcel collection from home with no printer, don’t panic! Here at Parcel2Go, we've worked hard to bring you a number of courier services that don’t require a pre-printed label.

So whether you’re booking a parcel courier with no printer required, or a parcel collection with no label, you’re in safe hands. Use our quick quote tool to find out much it’ll cost to send items without a printer.

Domestic UK services

  • Use the parcel label printer in store service from Collect+ to book a parcel courier with no printer required
  • You can also use DX, Parcelforce (collection service only), City Sprint or Palletforce and the driver will bring labels to the collection point. With this option you can send a parcel with no printer -  just hand write the delivery address onto the parcel, easy!

European services

  • You can use Parcelforce (collection service only) and the driver will bring labels to the collection point, so you can organise parcel collection with no label needed
  • When you process a quote, the parcel collection services that do not require a printer can be found in the service descriptions listed under the service name. You can click here to obtain a quick quote for sending a parcel without a printer now!

Services with Parcel2Go that don't require a printer?

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Print In Store available on these services

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