About Landmark


Landmark are a reputable global commerce solution that brings overseas delivery services to your doorstep. We combine Landmark’s efficient, reputable service with our unbeatable prices to bring Parcel2Go customers an international courier service they can really count on.

For more than a decade, Landmark has enabled people to expand their business globally. By delivering a delivery experience that’s a cut above the rest, they’ve grown their business from a basic international mailing service to a multi award-winning company trusted by a strong client base.

Landmark’s knowledge of overseas delivery networks at a local level allows them to connect Parcel2Go customers with tailored regional courier services, unrivalled in their efficiency. 

By booking through Parcel2Go, you’ll get Landmark’s world-leading international services at the lowest possible rates. That way, our customers get the best without having to pay a premium. 

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Landmark Drop Shop
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Landmark Collection
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Canada Post via Landmark DropOff
from £9.84 exc VAT Details  |   Buy
Canada Post via Landmark Collection
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