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Smart Send is the 100% Free shipping management platform by Parcel2Go. Designed with businesses in mind, it enables you to manage all your deliveries from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Let Smart Send Add Value to Your Business

Streamline your shipping with our FREE all-in-one platform.

Cheapest Domestic Rates Guaranteed

100+ Services to choose from

Accurate Delivery Estimates for your Customers

Automate Your Shipping

Manage your finances with Invoices

Unlock Your Business’ Potential

Smart Send has helped businesses of all sizes grow through smart shipping and order management.

Link Your eCommerce, Marketplace & Business Accounts

Supercharge Your Business with Smart Send

Order Management

Manage all orders, all from one platform. Filter your orders or manually add new ones. Group orders (with the same address), save them for later and add bulk actions, such as choosing a service or adding parcel protection.

Automate Your Imports

You can set rules for almost anything with Smart Send’s Rule Manager. Need to send an item in two parcels - there’s a rule for that. Need to stop importing items of a certain weight - there’s a rule for that too.

Send in Seconds, not Minutes!

With Smart Send, we also offer an email notification service. This is called Auto Send.

When activated, we’ll make sure you never miss an order. Simply set a day and time that suits your business schedule.

Automate Your Payments!

To make booking quicker and easier choose to use PrePay with your Smart Send account.

You can also automatically add funds when they drop below a certain level by activating Auto PrePay.

Delivery Management with Smart Send

A shipping tool that helps you grow your business.

Sales Channel Overview

Quickly see which channel you sell on the most.

Label Creation

Print multiple labels and manage any returns.

Invoice Management

Create custom invoices for your business records.

Pick & Pack Assistance

Sort and prioritise your orders ready for shipping.

Customer Notifications

Automated notifications sent directly to your customers.

Business Success Stories with Smart Send

How Easy is it to Use Smart Send?

We asked Mike some questions about his experience with Smart Send and how it’s helped him ship his handmade bee hotels. Mike offers business owners some really helpful advice about Smart Send and selling across different websites.

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Why do our Customers Love Smart Send?

We recently sat down with Dimitar who runs a small Self-Care business. We discussed how Smart Send has helped automate the delivery side of his business and what he would like to see from Smart Send in the future.

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