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For Smarter Ecommerce Shipping - Use Smart Send

Smart Send is the Ecommerce shipping solution to manage all your deliveries. It puts you in control of all your shipping orders across multiple online platforms - and it’s absolutely FREE!

Who is Smart Send for?

Smart Send is an easy-to-use shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you regularly sell items on platforms like eBay or run an established Ecommerce business across different marketplaces, our shipping software does it all!

Smart Send Shipping

The Casual Sender

If you are a dab hand at decluttering and selling pre-loved items, make sending Etsy or eBay Parcels easier! Smart Send lets you manage all your online orders and deliveries in one place.

Smart Send Shipping

The Online Startup

Manage your online orders and deliveries with our free shipping software, Smart Send. Integrate with your platform and get started today!

Smart Send Shipping

The Power Seller

Ecommerce shipping management just got easier! Integrate Smart Send and link your online orders across multiple marketplaces and websites.

How does our Marketing Shipping Solution Work?

Simply link all your marketplaces with Smart Send, and watch the shipping management tool do it's magic.

Marketplace Delivery Services

  • Seamlessly link all your marketplace deliveries into Smart Send and manage all your Ecommerce Shipping in one place, for Free!
  • Choose from the marketplaces or Ecommerce platforms from below and find out more about how to integrate Smart Send.

Connect Everything

  • Once your orders are imported, from your marketplaces, you can manage all of your deliveries needs in one place.
  • For example, organise your Shopify items along side your eBay items. You can Create rules to treat each marketplace differently.
  • Smart Send puts you in complete control of all your shipping.

Link Your Marketplaces from the Options Below

You can set rules for almost anything with Smart Send’s Rule Manager. Need to send an item in two parcels – there’s a rule for that. Need to stop importing items of a certain weight – there’s a rule for that too. Import orders your way with the Rule Manager.

Manage your orders every step of the way. Try filtering your orders or manually adding new ones. You can group orders (with the same address), save orders for later and add actions, such as parcel protection or delivery guarantee.

Smart Send also offers the opportunity to automate your orders further by activating Auto Send. Simply set a day and time to receive email notifications that suits you.

Activating Auto Send will make sure you never miss an order and allow you to book your orders in less clicks.

Once you have organized your orders make booking easier by choosing to use PrePay.

Save time with no more entering of card details and if you activate Auto PrePay you can choose to top-up your account when it drops below a given limit.