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Smart Send

Quick and Easy E-commerce
Shipping from £1.99 exc VAT

Smart Send is the new shipping solution to manage your e-commerce deliveries. It puts you in control of all your shipping across multiple platforms
- and it's absolutely FREE!

It takes Just 2 Mins

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The Benefits of Choosing
Smart Send


Automated Shipping

Have deliveries for your sold items booked automatically. Read more

Enable Auto Send


More Control

Tailor your preferences for each item you send with Rule Manager.

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Save Time

Save time by importing item details and delivery addresses from e-commerce channels, that you'd otherwise have to input manually.


No Fees or Contracts

Unlike other e-commerce integration platforms, Smart Send is completely free to use. No contract necessary.

Additional Features

Available to All

From casual sender to online start ups and power seller, Smart Send has a range of features to make sending easier.

Automatically Mark as Dispatched

Automatically mark your eBay listing as 'Dispatched' when you book your delivery.


Multi-channel Management

Import and manage orders from all the channels you sell on, including eBay, Amazon and Shopify.



Edit dozens of items at the same time and group them for easier order management to save time and money.



Add funds to your account to get 2% extra whenever you add £100 or more.

Rule Manager

Set rules for items you regularly send, including your preferred courier and delivery speed.