Postage costs from £2.58 (£2.15 plus VAT)

Why Choose Parcel2Go for Parcel Post?

Unrivalled Postage Rates

With everyday prices increasing on an almost yearly basis in the UK, for businesses and day-to-day customers, we want to make sure that's not the case when it comes to parcel delivery. By working alongside reputable couriers both in the UK and overseas, including DPD, UPS and Evri, we’re able to offer our customers lower parcel prices UK wide, with free parcel tracking included.


Cheapest Parcel Delivery 

Saving money on postage stamp costs doesn't have to be difficult, especially when we provide a Lowest Price Guarantee, to ensure we provide the cheapest parcel delivery. With a range of collection and drop-off services available, it's really easy to find a service that suits your busy schedules and works around your parcel requirements. 



Send a Parcel With Parcel2Go 

Whether you are sending a parcel to your daughter in London or sending a birthday present to your sister in Spain, we've got you covered. Get a free quick quote today and see how you could save money!


Looking for value? Know the cost of sending a parcel

Wondering how to reduce postage costs? Parcel2Go exists for those businesses and consumers in the UK that are tired of expensive postage stamp costs. We offer our customers the cheapest postage prices in the UK with a Lowest Price Guarantee.


How much does it cost to send a parcel?

By booking at Parcel2Go, postage rates for sending parcels from as little as £2.15 exc VAT. And as you send bigger items further afield, the savings on parcel delivery costs get even greater without having to compromise on a quality delivery service!

Estimate Your Postage Costs

Need to get an estimate of the kind of postage costs you can expect when you book with us? Check out our nifty quote comparison tool to compare Yodel, Evri, Royal Mail prices and more.

So, no need to wonder 'how much to send a parcel' at the best rates any longer. For the cheapest parcel post in the UK, use our Parcel2Go postage calculator and get a quote now!

For some of the UK's best postage costs, book your parcel now with Parcel2Go today!

Parcel2Go exists for those businesses and consumers in the UK that are tired of expensive parcel costs. We offer our customers a cheaper way to ship their parcels with a Lowest Price Guarantee.

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Sending a parcel in the UK can cost as little as £2.15. The price depends on the courier and service you select, your parcel dimensions and weight and whether you wish to add parcel protection.

The cost of international postage depends on:

  • The dimensions and weight of the parcel you wish to send
  • The destination - prices vary from country to country.

To get an instant quote, enter your international postage details into our quick quote tool.

To get an instant, free quote: enter your parcel weight, dimensions and delivery details into our quick quote tool. You will be taken to our quotes results page where you can browse all available services and couriers - simply select the one that best suits your needs!