I will not be available at the time of collection. What can I do?

If you know that you will not be available to hand your parcel to the driver there are a number of options available.

To rebook your collection for another date, click here. You’ll need your P2G reference number and either your postcode or email address.

Though you can choose to leave your parcel in a secure location, please be advised that your parcel won’t be protected for loss or damage if it is left unattended.

In addition, we cannot guarantee that the driver will collect an unattended parcel as this is at their own discretion. Some couriers do have a policy against collecting unattended parcels. We therefore strongly advise customers to use a nearby drop-off point instead.

If you need to change your collection address you’ll need to contact us.

You can add instructions for your driver in the order process when you book before your order is confirmed. Find out more about leaving specific instructions here.

If you have booked a drop-off find your local drop-off point here. If you need to switch your order from collection to a drop-off you’ll need to contact us.

We Do Not currently offer parcel drop off at depots. However, your parcel may be eligible for a local drop-off option. 

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