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Shipping to America?

With Parcel2Go, shipping to the USA from the UK has never been easier. We work with the most reliable and affordable couriers, such as Royal Mail, Parcelforce and FedEx Express, to provide you with the cheapest shipping to America without compromising on quality.

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Ship to the USA with Parcel2Go

Our Services and Postage to America

For just £14.69, you can track your delivery to the USA every step of the way no matter which state it's going to - we deliver to all 50 states from New York to Mississipi!

Our express and economy options mean when you send a parcel to the USA with us, it could arrive as soon as 1-3 days, whether you’re shipping a small or large item across the pond.

Before You Ship to USA

We can help you with all the paperwork involved with US shipping, but before you send your parcel you should check the US Customs website to make sure you’re not sending any prohibited items. US regulations are updated frequently so you should always check even if you’ve sent a parcel to the USA before. It’s also a good idea to avoid sending a parcel to America on non-working days (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays, because this could delay your parcel.

Check out US shipping prices below or get a quick quote to book your delivery today!

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Our International Services to the USA

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Our Top Tip

While all states in the US observe federal holidays, some states have additional state holidays too - so make sure you check the public holidays for the specific state you’re sending to.

And it’s good to know that if a holiday falls on a Saturday in the USA, it is usually observed on the Friday before, but if it falls on a Sunday it will usually be observed the Monday after.


US Customs and Import Tax

Every parcel delivered to America will go through customs. But don’t worry - if you include the right paperwork and make sure it is filled in correctly, your parcel will breeze its way through customs.

At Parcel2Go, we’ll send you all the paperwork you need as soon as you book your delivery with us. Some items may take longer to get through customs depending on their contents, and parcels that contain things such as food will need extra documentation (and we’ll send you that too!) Find out which documents you need for different types of shipments to the USA.

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US Commercial Invoice Tips

The commercial invoice is the most important document. While our booking journey makes the process of completing a commercial invoice easy, it’s especially important to include:

  • Detailed contact details for both you and the receiver - If there is an issue with clearance, or Customs need more information, they’ll usually contact the receiver. So it’s really important that all details are correct including a US phone number and email, to prevent any delays.

  • Itemised content description- Add all items on separate lines with their value and what the item is made of and used for. This means US Customs will know exactly what parcel contains so they won’t be held up for inspection.

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Import Tax and de minimis threshold

If your delivery to the USA is valued under the de minimis threshold $800 (about £586*), you won’t need to pay any duties or taxes on your parcel. If your parcel is worth more than $2,500 (about £1834*), it will go through a customs process called formal clearance. This means it might take an extra day or two to arrive at its destination, so don’t forget to factor that in if you need your shipment to the USA to arrive quickly. 

Parcel2Go are experts at shipping internationally, so when you book a delivery to the USA with us, you can have peace of mind that all customs requirements are covered.

*GBP rate may fluctuate as conversion rates change

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USA Address Format

When formatting addresses in the USA, it’s not too different from how you’d write a UK address. But you need to include a ZIP code next to the city name instead of a postcode below. Here’s an example:

Here’s more on how to address a parcel to the USA.

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USA Prohibited Items

The US has a number of restrictions in place for what you can and cannot ship into the country. We have a full list of prohibited items which you can filter by courier and country, so it’s important to check the full list before shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cheapest way to send a parcel to the USA?

The cheapest way to send a parcel to the USA is with Parcel2Go. Our postage to America starts at just £14.69 when you book your delivery - you won't find a cheaper price anywhere else!

Will the receiver in the USA have to pay any import duty?

If the value of your parcel is under $800 and you’ve included all the right documents, the person you’re sending a parcel to shouldn’t have to pay a thing! It’s a good idea to send a copy of the commercial invoice, or the details included on it, to the receiver so they can double check all their info is right before you ship your parcel to the USA.

What can’t I send to the USA?

Some restricted items include:

  • Batteries and items with built in batteries

  • Cigarettes or tobacco

  • Cosmetics

  • Documents that include personal identification or financial information

  • Items made out of wood

  • Liquids and creams

  • Perishable foods - the US is generally very strict on food imports so if you’re sending any kind of food you’ll need to inform US customs in advance and get a prior notification  registration number to show you have spoken to them

  • Any kind of currency including bank cards

As USA’s Customs Department can be particularly strict, there are certain items that you can send but they may ask for extra documentation. These include:

If you’re still unsure, make sure to check our full list of prohibited items. And remember our 24-hour customer service team is happy to help or you can contact the US Customs and Border Protection office for more information.