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Top tips for sending abroad

  •  Protect your parcel with inclusive cover on overseas deliveries
  •  Get it there in plenty of time by booking express delivery
  •  Check that the item you're sending is permitted for import at its destination
  •  Get signature tracking for proof of delivery

Prices starting from only £5.81 exc VAT

Send international parcels

Big planet. Small prices.

Sending around the world can sometimes be, well, a chore to say the least. Look under the hood of international delivery services, and you’ll find that the miracle of transit these days is actually the end product of a lot of hard work. There are often hundreds of people involved, as well as a wealth of planes, trains and automobiles, so things can get a little complicated.

Because sending around the world takes so much effort, a lot of international courier services will charge a premium for shipping overseas. At Parcel2Go, however, we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re here to change the way that you experience sending overseas by ensuring a quick, simple process that gives you access to lower prices than anyone else.

With a Lowest Price Guarantee on all deliveries to Europe and our lowest ever prices on deliveries all over the world, plus the option to get parcel cover worth up to £50 included in the price of delivery, you can rest assured that sending overseas with Parcel2Go is always at a fantastically low price. Get a quote today!


Oceania, though technically a continent, is more an enveloping term used to describe the many islands scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean, which includes bigger countries like Australia and New Zealand, too. Though these islands are remote when compared with bigger inland countries, Parcel2Go work to ensure that sending your parcels to Fiji, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea as easy as sending to Europe.

Send to American Samoa
Send to New Caledonia
Send to Australia
Send to New Zealand
Send to Cook Islands
Send to Niue
Send to East Timor
Send to Palau
Send to Fiji
Send to Saipan
Send to Guam
Send to Samoa
Send to Indonesia
Send to Solomon Islands
Send to Kiribati
Send to Tonga
Send to Tuvalu
Send to Micronesia
Send to Vanuatu
Send to Nauru

At nearly 45 million km², Asia is the planet’s largest continent, and accommodates over half of its total population. With over 4 billion inhabitants, there’s a huge demand for imports from western countries like the UK, and strong historical relationships with China, India and Japan means that international trade continues to thrive. For the lowest prices on deliveries to Asia, book through Parcel2Go.

Send to Azerbaijan
Send to Maldives
Send to Bahrain
Send to Mongolia
Send to Bangladesh
Send to Myanmar
Send to Bhutan
Send to Nepal
Send to Brunei
Send to Oman
Send to Cambodia
Send to Pakistan
Send to Cameroon
Send to China
Send to Philippines
Send to Hong Kong
Send to Qatar
Send to India
Send to Singapore
Send to Iraq Republic
Send to South Korea
Send to Israel
Send to Sri Lanka
Send to Japan
Send to Taiwan
Send to Jordan
Send to Tajikistan
Send to Kazakhstan
Send to Thailand
Send to Kenya
Send to Turkmenistan
Send to Kuwait
Send to Laos
Send to Uzbekistan
Send to Lebanon
Send to Vietnam
Send to Macau
Send to Yemen
Send to Malaysia

The continent of Europe boasts the largest economy in the world, playing host to several nations internationally renowned for their culture, education, and standard of living. Along with political heavyweights France, Germany and Russia, Europe also accommodates Parcel2Go's home country, the United Kingdom.

Sending a parcel to Europe is best with Parcel2Go because of our Lowest Price Guarantee on all deliveries within the continent, which means that in the rare instance you find a price lower than ours, we’ll match it!

Send to Albania
Send to Lanzarote
Send to Andorra
Send to Latvia
Send to Armenia
Send to Liechtenstein
Send to Austria
Send to Lithuania
Send to Luxembourg
Send to Belarus
Send to Macedonia
Send to Belgium
Send to Madeira
Send to Bosnia
Send to Malta
Send to Moldova
Send to Bulgaria
Send to Monaco
Send to Canary Islands
Send to Montenegro
Send to Channel Islands
Send to Netherlands
Send to Croatia
Send to Cyprus
Send to Czech Republic
Send to Norway
Send to Denmark
Send to Poland
Send to El Hierro
Send to Portugal
Send to Estonia
Send to Romania
Send to Faroe Islands
Send to Russia
Send to Finland
Send to San Marino
Send to France
Send to Sardinia
Send to Fuerteventura
Send to Serbia
Send to Georgia
Send to Sicily
Send to Germany
Send to Slovak Republic
Send to Gibraltar
Send to Slovenia
Send to Greece
Send to St. Eustatius
Send to Guernsey
Send to Sweden
Send to Hungary
Send to Switzerland
Send to Iceland
Send to Tenerife
Send to Ireland
Send to Turkey
Send to Jersey
Send to Ukraine
Send to La Gomera
Send to UK - Mainland
Send to La Palma
Send to Vatican City

Though Africa ranks second in the world’s continents in both total landmass size and the size of its population, it’s made up of more countries than any other continent. Its colonial history means that the mainland has strong ties to Europe especially. As a result, shipping to Africa is made easier with tried-and-tested lanes and routes, and since Africa is a huge exporter of raw materials and foodstuffs, couriers will always be in demand. Send a parcel to Africa today!

Send to Algeria
Send to Madagascar
Send to Angola
Send to Malawi
Send to Benin
Send to Mali
Send to Botswana
Send to Mauritania
Send to Burkina Faso
Send to Mauritius
Send to Burundi
Send to Mayotte
Send to Morocco
Send to Chad
Send to Namibia
Send to Congo
Send to Rwanda
Send to Djibouti
Send to Senegal
Send to Egypt
Send to Seychelles
Send to Eritrea
Send to South Africa
Send to Ethiopia
Send to Swaziland
Send to Gabon
Send to Tanzania
Send to Gambia
Send to Togo
Send to Guinea
Send to Tunisia
Send to Guinea-Bissau
Send to Uganda
Send to Lesotho
Send to Zambia
Send to Liberia
Send to Zimbabwe
Send to Libya
North America

North America houses one of the world’s most prosperous and internationally recognisable countries -- the United States of America. It neighbours other global powers like Mexico and Canada. Strong ties with Europe — especially between the USA and the UK — means that sending over the Atlantic is a well-worn path, and quite frankly couriers have gotten very good at it indeed. That’s why when you book your delivery to North America with Parcel2Go, you can send at express speeds for economy prices. Get your quote today!

Send to Anguilla
Send to Antigua
Send to Jamaica
Send to Aruba
Send to Martinique
Send to Bahamas
Send to Mexico
Send to Barbados
Send to Montserrat
Send to Belize
Send to Nicaragua
Send to Bermuda
Send to Niger
Send to Panama
Send to Canada
Send to Puerto Rico
Send to Cayman Islands
Send to St. Barthelemy
Send to Costa Rica
Send to St. Kitts
Send to Dominica
Send to St. Lucia
Send to El Salvador
Send to St. Vincent
Send to Greenland
Send to Guadeloupe
Send to USA
Send to Guatemala
Send to Haiti
South America

The home of the Amazon forest and some of the world’s greatest sporting nations, South America is the Latino capital of the world. With countries Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay continuing from strength-to-strength both economically and in standards of living, South America’s import economy is also on the rise, which means that right now there’s plenty of demand for sending parcels there. Why not get a quote today?

Send to Argentina
Send to French Guiana
Send to Bolivia
Send to Guyana
Send to Bonaire
Send to Paraguay
Send to Brazil
Send to Peru
Send to Chile
Send to Suriname
Send to Colombia
Send to Uruguay
Send to Ecuador
Send to Venezuela