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An Ecommerce Shipping Solution as Customisable as You Are

  • Select default couriers for different items you regularly send
  • Protect your items in bulk, up to the value of £10,000 each
  • Tailor your preferences and set rules for a consistent delivery experience

Magento offers sellers one of the industry’s most customisable selling experiences.

So wouldn’t it be great to have an ecommerce shipping solution that’s as customisable as your store?

With Smart Send, our ecommerce shipping integration for Magento,  not only can you import all your items ready to book, but you can group and edit items with different preferences to keep you in control of your Magento orders with minimal hassle.

Book Magento couriers in minutes and manage all of your orders in one place with our online shipping solution, Smart Send.

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Why Customers Love Our Magento Shipping Solution

Provide the best delivery experience to your Magento customers with Smart Send, our ecommerce shipping solution. Here’s what you’ll get when you link your Magento account.

  • Import items and buyer details in seconds
  • Tweak, group or bulk-edit your orders at any time
  • Book all of your orders with a single click
  • Access to a wider range of couriers than anywhere else
  • Get the UK's cheapest parcel delivery quotes
  • Keep in control with preferences for items you regularly send
  • Quickly download invoices and statements for all of your orders

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Who is Smart Send for?

single box

The Casual Sender

Only send a few parcels? Import your items for free to make selling as easy as possible.

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The Online Startup

Sending regularly? Save time by bulk-editing your imported items and book all of your orders with a click.

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The Power Seller

Making your living online? Manage all your channels from one place and even automate your bookings for maximum control.

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Understanding Magento Shipping Rates

Offer customers a better service with Magento 2 delivery. The system of Magento shipping table rates is the same, but with a faster and more secure system, your customers will have an improved experience.

To create your Magento shipping options, you’ll need to lay out your data in a spreadsheet to import into your Magento store. To create Magento delivery options, input your shipping rate data into a spreadsheet in accordance with this guide. Make sure you upload and verify your Magento 2 delivery rates to ensure you’re offering customers the best experience possible.

Shipping Configuration With Magento 2

Magento 2 delivery is simple with Smart Send. Provide Magento delivery tracking to your customers with a full integration with our free delivery management software, designed to make your Magento shipping a breeze. We also offer sellers the opportunity to track Magento parcels.

Select your rates and couriers, book delivery and update your customers with live Magento delivery tracking for increased customer satisfaction and easier delivery management. Smart Send is fully compatible with Magento 2, giving you greater control over your Magento shipping than ever before.




How to link your Magento Version 2 account

If you have a Magento version 2 account you’ll need to set up an integration within the Magento Platform. Click below if you’d like a step-by-step guide.

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