About FedEx Express

FedEx Express was founded in 1971 in a small town in Arkansas, United States. From there FedEx Express has grown consistently and now has over 280,000 employees. Although they were originally founded as a small courier and delivery service, this service has now extended around the globe, offering every sort of delivery and freight cargo options. FedEx Express have made famous several slogans due to their extensive advertising campaigns, such as "Absolutely, positively.”

FedEx Express international courier services now have a fleet of over 671 aircraft and 43,000 road vehicles across the world. They also have 1,200 service centres worldwide. Approximately 3.1 million packages are delivered by FedEx Express couriers each day.

FedEx Express delivery provides customers across the world with transport and business services and has committed itself and its 275,000 employees and contractors to strive to maintain the highest possible ethical, safety and professional standards. And thanks to the latest technology you can check the progress of your parcel online with FedEx Express international delivery tracking. You can track your FedEx parcels by clicking here.

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