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Prestashop Couriers & Delivery Services: Easier Shipping? Hey Presto.

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For those who want to minimise their costs and maximise their sales, PrestaShop is an ideal sales platform.

But when your sales platform is free-to-use, shouldn't your ecommerce shipping solution follow suit?

Thankfully, Smart Send, our ecommerce shipping integration for Prestashop, delivers just that. It helps you keep on top of your PrestaShop orders, and – best of all – it doesn’t cost anything to use.

Book Prestashop couriers in minutes and manage all of your orders in one place with our online shipping solution, Smart Send.

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Why Customers Love Using Smart Send for Prestashop Parcel Deliveries

Deliver a better delivery experience to your customers while only paying the cost of shipping with Smart Send, our ecommerce order management system and delivery integration for Prestashop. Here’s what you’ll get when you link your PrestaShop account.

  • Import items and buyer details in seconds
  • Tweak, remove or bulk-edit your orders at any time
  • Book all of your orders with a single click
  • Access to a wider range of couriers than anywhere else
  • Get the UK's cheapest parcel delivery quotes
  • Easily resolve disputes with comprehensive parcel tracking features
  • Quickly download invoices and statements for all of your orders

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Who is Smart Send for?

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The Casual Sender

Only send a few parcels? Import your items for free to make selling as easy as possible.

multi box

The Online Startup

Sending regularly? Save time by bulk-editing your imported items and book all of your orders with a click.

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The Power Seller

Making your living online? Manage all your channels from one place and even automate your bookings for maximum control.

Other World-Class E-commerce Integrations

Our shipping tool also integrates with some of the world's largest e-commerce platforms and order management systems

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an entirely free and open source ecommerce website platform, allowing you to design and build ecommerce websites to sell products. It’s available in over 65 languages, and provides themes, modules and add-on features to help you create an ecommerce website to suit your needs. 

With Smart Send, you can easily integrate with Prestashop to provide customisable PrestaShop delivery options. Coordinate each PrestaShop delivery with our free ecommerce shipping solution and find the best prices for PrestaShop shipping today. PrestaShop parcel tracking is also possible through our dedicated Smart Send tracking plaform.

How does PrestaShop shipping integrate with Smart Send?

PrestaShop shipping is easily integrated with Smart Send’s PrestaShop plugin. Simply connect your PrestaShop account to Smart Send and download the plugin for free to find the best PrestaShop delivery options for your customers. Set rules for items you send regularly and choose from express and economy delivery options to get the best options for your business.

With our range of couriers offering the lowest prices for delivery, you’re able to get your items to your customers quickly and easily from one free ecommerce shipping platform. Simply your business operations - get PrestaShop delivery through Smart Send.


What is the PrestaShop shipping module?

There are several options for a Prestashop shipping module to help you offer your customer Prestashop delivery. You can find a full list of shipping and logistics modules for PrestaShop here.

However, there’s an easier way to organise your PrestaShop delivery. Whether you’d like to offer free PrestaShop delivery or set up a range of PrestaShopshipping options, you can use our Smart Send shipping integration to easily coordinate deliveries to your customers.



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