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Send Letters and Small Parcels

from £2.15 exc VAT

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How to Send a Letter UK

With Parcel2Go, you have many ways to send letters across the UK!

We specialise in making delivery easy, regardless of what you want to send. Whether it's a letter to a loved one or an important business document, we’re here to make posting a letter hassle-free.

With our extensive courier network and range of services, sending letters is not only effortless but also affordable. Whether you’re sending a single letter or multiple letters at once, you can be sure we have the service for you. Get a quote today and book letter postage to anywhere in the UK.

Small Parcel Delivery with Parcel2Go

Want to send small parcels across the UK and Internationally? See our range of cheap and reliable services and book your small parcel delivery today.

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Letters and Small Parcel Delivery Services

Evri ParcelShop Postable
Evri ParcelShop PostableEst Delivery: Fri, 26 Jul

Royal Mail 48 Tracked Large Letter
Royal Mail 48 Tracked Large LetterEst Delivery: Sat, 27 Jul

Prices From:
Royal Mail 48 Tracked Large Letter Collection
Royal Mail 48 Tracked Large Letter CollectionEst Delivery: Sat, 27 Jul

Prices From:

Royal Mail Large Letter

Royal Mail’s large letter delivery allows you to post a letter in the UK from just £2.25 exc VAT. With inclusive protection up to £50 and free tracking, you can be sure your letters are delivered safely. Whether it's personal items or important documents, Royal Mail's trusted service makes it a reliable choice for sending letters within the UK and around the world.

Get a quote today and drop your parcel off at over 14,000 locations, or arrange a collection from a place that suits you.

About This Service 
  • 750g maximum weight.

  • Maximum parcel size: 35.3cm x 25cm x 2.5cm

  • Delivery in 1-2 business days

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Send a Letter with Evri

Starting from just £2.15 exc VAT, Evri ParcelShop Postable is the cheapest way to send letters and small parcels that can fit through standard letterboxes - making it perfect for a range of items such as books and clothing.

Book today and drop your small parcels off at over 14,000 locations in the UK.

About This Service 

  • 1 kg maximum weight

  • Maximum parcel size: 35cm x 23cm x 2.5cm 

  • Delivery will be made within 3 working days

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Whistl Delivery

Looking to send multiple letters at once? Rather than individually stamping each and every letter, Letters and Small Parcels by Whistl lets you bundle your letters and small parcels into one simple delivery with one label, saving you up to 21% on the price of stamps.

After you drop your parcel off, it will be delivered to Whistl who will sort your items and arrange for them to be posted by your postie.

About This Service 

  • 2kg maximum weight

  • Maximum parcel size: 37cm x 26cm x 15.5cm 

  • Delivery in 3-5 working days

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International Letter and Small Parcel Postage

To send letters and small parcels abroad, book with one of our many international couriers like Royal Mail, DPD and Evri. Sending letters abroad is the same as sending letters within the UK - all you need to do is:

  1. Get a quote to the country of your choice and enter the size of your letter.

  2. Select the best service for you and enter all address details accurately.

  3. Drop your letter off or arrange a collection from a place that suits you.

International letter postage time will vary depending on the service you choose, but generally takes 3-5 business days to Europe and 5-8 business days for the rest of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much to send a small parcel?

You can send a small parcel from as little as £2.15 exc VAT. Check out our quick quote tool to find out how much small parcel shipping will cost you today.

How much is it to send a large letter or envelope?

If you’re looking to send padded envelopes, jiffy envelopes, or letters and small packages, you’ll need to use our quick quote tool to know exactly how much it is to send your large letter or envelope in the mail. Prices start from £2.15.

You can compare the cheapest prices with Parcel2Go in a few clicks - get started now!

What size is a small parcel?

To send a single small parcel (letterbox sized) via Evri Postable the maximum dimensions are 35cm length x 23cm width x 3cm depth (min depth 1cm) and 1kg weight. Or with Royal Mail, the maximum size of a large letter is 35.3cm (L) x 25cm (W) x 2.5cm (H) and the maximum weight is 750g.

To send in bulk with Whistl the maximum dimensions are 37cm length x 26cm width x 15.5cm thickness and 2kg weight.

How to send a letter by post?

To send a letter, invitations or cards by post, you can simply buy postage through our quick quote tool and leave your items at your local drop-off point or have them collected with Royal Mail. 

Looking to send small parcels or send letters in bulk? Check out our small parcel delivery service and our courier partner Whistl. With our Letters and Small Parcels Service from Whistl, you can organise a collection from the location of your choice, as well as drop off your letters at a local drop-off point.

How many stamps do you need to send a letter or envelope?

How many stamps you’d need to send a letter or envelope depends on whether you want to post a small letter, an A4 letter, a C5 envelope or other type of large letter. 

If you’re sending small parcels in bulk, it can quickly get expensive and time-consuming to check which stamps you’ll need. You can find out exactly how much it would cost you to send your letters or envelopes as singles or in bulk with our quick quote tool above - get the cheapest prices today!

What types of items can I send in a small parcel or letter?

With our service for posting small items you can send items such as the below: 

  • Letters:

     Cards, party or wedding invitations, personal letters, postcards, bills, papers

  • Large envelopes:

     A4 documents, certificates, magazines, DVDs, CDs, large greeting cards

  • Small parcels:

     Clothes, small items such as speakers, books

Whether you’re looking to send clothes by post, invitations by post, cards by post or more, Parcel2Go has the postage option for you.