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You can track your UPS parcel delivery and find your item's current whereabouts with the quick and simple tracking tool.
Can't find your P2G tracking reference? Entering your courier specific tracking reference will also work. You can find these on your confirmation e-mail sent at the time of booking.

UPS Parcel Tracking

Track your UPS Parcel with Parcel2Go

Established in 1937, the United Parcel Service (or as we know it, UPS) is the world’s largest courier firm, headquartered in Georgia, USA. Delivering more than 15 million parcels a day, no courier better understands how to manage deliveries on a massive scale, delivering great service along with the parcels themselves.

UPS parcel tracking is easy. Tracking numbers are automatically assigned when you place an order with UPS, allowing you to determine the current status of your shipment, verify its delivery, and even access options to change your delivery.

When you track UPS parcels, the first thing you’ll notice is a display of where your parcel is on our five-stage delivery process:

  1. Collected

  2. In Transit

  3. At Delivery Depot

  4. Out for Delivery

  5. Delivered

With UPS delivery tracking, you can get a clearer up-to-date estimate of when your parcel will be delivered. If you’re a sender, this offers you a great opportunity when shipping with UPS to let your recipient know when the order is due to arrive. And if you’re a recipient yourself, you get a more accurate timeframe for delivery, ensuring you don’t miss your parcel when it arrives.

UPS delivery tracking makes keeping tabs on your parcels easy and convenient. So what are you waiting for? Track UPS deliveries by entering your order number into the tracking tool above.

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