About InPost

InPost has almost 1,200 lockers throughout the UK, all of which are accessible 24/7. InPost enables you to drop off your parcel at your convenience in as little as 7 seconds. No more queuing!

InPost is an innovative 24/7 fully automated parcel locker network that makes opening times a thing of the past. All InPost’s Parcel Lockers are in well lit, safe and secure areas with ample parking. Locations include Morrisons supermarkets, ESSO petrol stations and Transport for London sites, as well as retailers such as Toys R Us.

With InPost 24/7 lockers you’ll be able to:

-        Choose when and where to drop off your parcel from at your convenience

-        Access lockers 24/7, including bank holidays, 365 days a year

-        Select from nearly 1,200 lockers UK nationwide located outside Morrisons, petrol stations, retail parks, tube and train stations - with parking nearby

-        Track your parcel from start to finish

-        Send and collect in as little as 7 seconds

-        Lowest available InPost price by sending through Parcel2Go

With full parcel tracking available and rapid two-day delivery, InPost courier services offer one of the most secure and convenient delivery processes on the market. Simply choose the locker that’s most convenient for you - whether that’s close to your home, work, gym or another place you frequently visit. Remember, when you book your parcel through Parcel2Go, you’ll always get lowest InPost price.

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InPost FAQs

What is InPost?

InPost is a 24/7 fully automated, parcel locker service available throughout the UK and Europe. Senders can choose from nearly 1,200 InPost lockers UK nationwide. Parcels can be dropped off in secure and accessible lockers any time of day, seven days a week. The parcel is then picked up by the courier and delivered to the recipient’s doorstep. 

How do I access my locker?

Once you’ve attached your label to your parcel (don’t worry —we’ll send it to you so you can print it off), just take it to your nearest parcel locker and follow the instructions on the screen. All you need to do is select you’re sending, scan your parcel label, and then deposit your parcel in the selected locker. Simple!

How big are the lockers?

InPost parcel lockers come in a range of sizes to accommodate various parcel sizes:

Small Lockers:

  • Weight - 20 kg
  • Length - 64 cm
  • Width - 38 cm
  • Height - 8 cm

Medium Lockers

  • Weight - 20 kg
  • Length - 64 cm
  • Width - 38 cm
  • Height - 19 cm

Large Lockers

  • Weight - 20 kg
  • Length - 64 cm
  • Width - 38 cm
  • Height - 38 cm


InPost 48
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InPost 24
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