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Why should I send internationally with eBay?

Selling internationally with eBay means reaching over 60 million buyers worldwide. It’s an easy way to grow your business! And eBay have partnered with Parcel2Go to create their International Shipping Platform - which means shipping internationally for eBay customers has never been easier.

There are many benefits of using eBay’s International Shipping Platform, including securing the cheapest shipping to over 180 countries, setting your own postage prices and being able to choose your preferred import payment method - whether that’s with DDU, DDP or IOSS

The platform allows you to manage all aspects of your international shipping process in one place - sign up here.


How do I start shipping internationally with eBay?

Getting started is easy. If you’re an eBay seller with a Parcel2Go account, you just need to visit eBay’s International Shipping Platform and click the ‘Get Started’ button at the top of the page. 

If you don’t already have one, you can create a Parcel2Go account here - it takes less than 2 minutes!

Am I eligible to sell internationally?

You can sell internationally if you’re an eBay seller and the goods you sell abroad comply with eBay’s International Trading Policy

To benefit from eBay’s international Shipping Platform however, you also need a Parcel2Go account. Once logged in, you can navigate directly to the international sending dashboard.

When selling goods overseas using eBay’s international Shipping Platform, you’ll also need to comply with Parcel2Go’s prohibited items list. 


What documents do I need for international deliveries?

For most countries, you’ll need a commercial invoice and some countries will ask for other documents for certain items too. Make sure you do your research before shipping items overseas, so you never send any restricted items that could hold up your delivery.

To quickly find out what requirements apply to which countries, use the handy dropdown menu here. Just navigate to the ‘Requirements by Country’ section.

When using the eBay International Shipping Platform, Parcel2Go will send you all the documents you need for shipping internationally once you complete your booking.


Will I have to pay customs when I ship internationally with eBay?

All parcels shipped from the UK internationally will be charged a customs fee. The amount will depend on the country and the item you’re shipping. You can find VAT rates for EU countries here. 

With eBay’s International Shipping Platform, there are different ways you can choose to handle customs charges: either asking the buyer to pay (Delivery Duty Unpaid) or you, as the seller, can pay ahead of time (Delivery Duty Paid). As a business, you can also use Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) when selling items under £135 into the EU. 

If you ship with eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GPS), you won’t have to pay for customs charges in the same way but your shipping costs will be set at a fixed rate to include them. This means that the shipping costs your customers pay will likely be higher under GPS. 



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