What documents do I need to send outside of the EU?

All items travelling outside the EU require commercial invoices. The necessary documents will be printed along with the airway bill label at the end of your order.


When booking international shipping, you will be asked for details of the parcel. Please ensure that all the information entered on the invoice is correct, with a full breakdown of what is being sent and a value per item. This is a legal requirement and failure to disclose the full contents and values of the parcel may result in it being held by customs in the recipient country. They may also levy charges on the parcel which are outside our control.


Here's a short video to explain everything.


Description of goods 

This gives the customs authorities a clear indication of what's in your parcel. The description should explain what it is, what it's made of, and what it's used for (if applicable). It should be clear and describe all items included in the shipment.

Value your shipment accurately

Even if the item is a sample, gift or return, it still has a value of at least the production costs. The value should be as accurate as possible. If customs question your valuation, it could cause delays and penalties. One further tip, list the value of the goods in the currency you specify on the invoice.

Country of origin

This describes where the goods are manufactured. It can be different from where the goods are shipped.


Please note: On DPD and Landmark services we send the commercial invoices electronically once an order is placed, this means you will not receive a commercial invoice to print along with your labels.


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