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An Ecommerce Shipping Solution For Woocommerce That You Can Celebrate

  • Select default courier services for specific items you regularly send
  • Group items together for easier shipping
  • Protect your items in bulk, up to the value of £10,000 each

WooCommerce is the world’s most popular e-commerce platform because of its unrivalled customisation options.

But when you’re selling on such a reliable platform, you need a business shipping solution that can deliver your customers that same high-quality service.

With Smart Send, our ecommerce shipping integration for Woocommerce, you can import your WooCommerce items and have them booked for delivery with a courier of your choice, all in a matter of minutes.

Book Woocommerce couriers in minutes and manage all of your orders in one place with our online shipping solution, Smart Send.

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Why Customers Love Using Smart Send for WooCommerce Parcel Deliveries

Give your online shop the wow factor by using SmartSend, our FREE ecommerce order management system, to import your WooCommerce parcels. Get access to all these features when you link up your account.

  • Import items and buyer details in seconds
  • Set preferences for items you regularly send
  • Book all of your orders with a single click
  • Access to a wider range of couriers than anywhere else
  • Get the UK's cheapest parcel delivery quotes
  • Easily resolve disputes with comprehensive parcel tracking features
  • Quickly download invoices and statements for all of your orders

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Who is Smart Send for?

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The Casual Sender

Only send a few parcels? Import your items for free to make selling as easy as possible.

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The Online Startup

Sending regularly? Save time by bulk-editing your imported items and book all of your orders with a click.

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The Power Seller

Making your living online? Manage all your channels from one place and even automate your bookings for maximum control.

Other World-Class E-commerce Integrations

Our shipping tool also integrates with some of the world's largest e-commerce platforms and order management systems

Understanding WooCommerce Seller Fees

Wondering how to set up WooCommerce shipping? Look no further! Get started with Smart Send and handle all your WooCommerce delivery options from one simple-to-use platform, or read on for more details.

WooCommerce Local and International Shipping

You have several options for setting up WooCommerce local or international shipping. Your shipping settings allow you to set up shipping zones to define which countries or regions you want to deliver to. You can manage these through Smart Send and get unbeatable shipping rates for WooCommerce delivery.

WooCommerce Shipping Classes

Shipping classes on WooCommerce allow you to group items together that can be shipped in a similar way. You can find full details on the WooCommerce shipping classes guide. You can manage this through Smart Send and automatically book shipping for your items.

WooCommerce Shipping Prices 

If you’re looking for the best WooCommerce shipping prices, you’re in the right place. With Smart Send, you can access our preferential rates with our courier network, allowing you to get the best rates for WooCommerce international shipping and local delivery. You can manage your WooCommerce delivery through modules such as WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping, or you can keep your WooCommerce shipping costs and admin to a minimum with Smart Send. Try it now.

Our WooCommerce Delivery Guidance

WooCommerce Shipping Options

You can offer free shipping, flat rate shipping or per-item shipping through WooCommerce. See the best rates by requesting a WooCommerce shipping quote from our couriers now through Smart Send.

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping and WooCommerce Flexible Shipping

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping is a plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to set conditions for shipping rates and organise multiple shipping options. WooCommerce Flexible Shipping is a similar plugin that allows you to create custom shipping rates based on items’ weight, number and more. 

Instead of managing multiple WooCommerce shipping plugins, modules and settings, why not use Smart Send and keep all your delivery management in one place?


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