What do I get if I add Delivery Guarantee to my order?

Delivery Guarantee is one of four available delivery add-ons. (Delivery Guarantee, Signature, Text Message Notification, FREE Email Notification).

These options are available as add-ons during the booking process after you enter address details.

With a Delivery Guarantee, you will be entitled to a full refund of the carriage if your parcel is not delivered by the pre-agreed date. 


Delivery guarantee with Drop Off services

For parcels dropped off after 12 PM there will be an additional day added to the guaranteed delivery date.


Delays in customs

Delivery guarantee is not valid if your parcel is delayed in customs for any of the following reasons:

  • Error on your commercial invoice (e.g. incorrect value declared)
  • Sent a prohibited item.
  • Failure to comply with customs or pay customs charges.
  • Inaccurate contact details provided on the order.


Claim for late delivery

If your parcel arrived late and you added delivery guarantee during booking, you can request a refund of your carriage.

We cannot process a refund whilst your parcel is in transit. Please contact us once your parcel has been delivered.

Please note: Delivery guarantee is not valid if the collection or delivery was attempted or impaired.


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