Pallet Delivery from £50.75 exc VAT


Why choose Parcel2Go for pallet delivery?

Big consignments are a big responsibility. Pallet delivery, or the delivery of goods on a flat, typically wooden structure for protection and stability, can seem expensive, but at Parcel2Go we have pallet delivery services that are reliable and cheap.

We understand the importance of expert pallet delivery companies handling your goods and delivering your pallets efficiently. We offer local and international pallet shipping to Europe, America and around the world through our couriers. Whether you’re looking for freight delivery, cargo shipping or simply want to send some oversize items, we can offer you cheap pallet delivery to suit your needs. Try our pallet delivery comparison tool now.

Full tracking from start to finish

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Full Pallet Tracking

Because we only work with the biggest and most reputable pallet delivery companies in the UK, you can rest assured that our pallet delivery services will give you great customer support and full tracking functionality as standard.

Variety of Pallet Sizes

When you need to send a pallet of goods that are too bulky, large or heavy to be shipped via standard methods, look no further than specialist pallet delivery services provided by Parcel2Go. Whatever your delivery requirements, we've got a pallet collection or pallet shipping service for the size and weight you need.

Pallet Size Dimensions in cm Max weight in kg
Mini Quarter 120 x 100 x 60 150kg
Quarter 120 x 100 x 80 250kg
Half 120 x 100 x 110 500kg
Light 120 x 100 x 220 750kg
Full 120 x 100 x 220 1000kg

Pallet Sizes

Choose from a mini quarter pallet - up to 150kg - all the way to a full 1000kg pallet, with plenty of other options in between for pallet delivery including small, medium, large and oversized pallets. Plus, when you book a pallet courier with Parcel2Go, you get some of the cheapest quotes in the UK.

Which couriers deliver pallets...

Send small packages with Palletways
Send a small parcel with Palletforce

You can organise pallet shipping with Palletways and Palletforce, with next day delivery and 48 hour collection services on offer for reasonable prices. Once your pallet has been collected or distributed you no doubt want to keep an eye on its progress as it travels to its destination. This is no problem at all thanks to our pallet tracking facility, which will let you know where your consignment is from the moment it leaves your possession to the moment it arrives safely at its destination.

For some of the UK's best prices, book your pallet courier service with Parcel2Go today!

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Pallet delivery means sending goods on a pallet, which is a flat structure usually made of wood that helps to support heavy goods and make them easier to transport. Some services even offer pallet collection, where you arrange for a pallet courier to collect your oversize package from the location of your choosing. With Parcel2Go, there are plenty of couriers that offer cheap pallet shipping and pallet collection in the UK and further afield.

The amount your pallet shipping will cost will vary on the weight and size of your item. You can use our free quote tool to find the cheapest pallet shipping in the UK, or arrange cheap international delivery for your pallets.  Pallet shipping prices start from £50.75 exc VAT.

You can organise pallet shipping with Palletways and Palletforce, with next day delivery and 48 hour collection services on offer for reasonable prices. You can send smaller but bulky parcels via our large parcel and heavy courier services if your items aren’t large enough to go on a pallet..

You can organise pallet collection and shipping internationally with our courier services, who can handle cargo shipping or freight to international destinations easily. Simply enter in your parcel’s details into our quick quote tool and see how to send your parcel now.

With their supportive structure, you can use a pallet to deliver many different types of bulky or heavy items. For example, you might ship building materials, appliances, specialist machinery, or lots of homeware items that are better shipped together. As long as they can be stacked on your pallet, you can send any type of oversize item. 

Freight shipping is shipping of goods and other cargo cross-country via land, sea or air. If you’re running a company and you’d like to find cheaper delivery for multiple packages, you can use our Smartsend service to find economy freight shipping for your business.