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Need to send a parcel to Ireland?

Get cheap postage to Ireland and a service you can rely on when you book your delivery with Parcel2Go. We work with the most trusted couriers, such as Royal Mail, DPD, and TNT, so that you can rest assured your parcel will arrive safely and on time.

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Our Services and Postage to Ireland

Parcel2Go are proud to offer the cheapest way to ship to Ireland. With postage to Ireland starting at just £7.09, you won’t have to worry about blowing your budget with us!

Before You Ship to Ireland

Before you ship to Ireland from the UK, be sure that you’re not sending your parcel on any of Ireland’s national holidays or non-working days (Saturday and Sunday) as this could delay the arrival of your parcel.

It’s also important to check Ireland’s Customs requirements to make sure you’re not sending any prohibited items and you comply with the country’s import requirements. We can help you with all the paperwork, but knowing what you can and cannot send will reduce the chances of your shipment to Ireland experiencing any unnecessary delays.

Whether you’re sending to Dublin, Cork or Galway, choose Parcel2Go. As international shipping experts, you can put your trust in us - get your quote today!

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Our International Services to Ireland

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Evri Ireland Priority ParcelshopEst Delivery: Fri, 26 Apr

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Evri Ireland Standard CollectionEst Delivery: Fri, 26 Apr

Irish Customs and Posting to Ireland After Brexit

As the Republic of Ireland is part of the EU, any parcel you ship to Ireland will be subject to EU VAT unless it is a gift up to the value of £38*/€45. Find out more about sending gifts to Europe.

Sending a gift to Ireland? It’s important to know that the value of the gift includes the cost of shipping. For example, if you send a book that costs £10 and shipping costs you £8.82, the total value is £18.82 - so you won’t have to pay EU VAT.

If the total value of your delivery to Ireland costs more than £38 or you’re sending directly from a marketplace such as Amazon or Etsy, your shipment to Ireland will be subject to a VAT rate of 23%.

*GBP rate may fluctuate as conversion rates change

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Our Top Tip

You can find lots more helpful information on posting to Ireland in our international shipping hub and if you own a business, we have a whole bank of helpful resources for business senders with EU customers.


Ireland Address Format

You should address a postage to Ireland in the same way you would when sending a parcel within the UK. But it’s important to put ‘IRELAND’ in capital letters underneath the address. It’s good practice to always include the country you’re sending to underneath the address on any international parcel.

Here’s more on how to address a parcel to Ireland.

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Prohibited Items in Ireland

Most things you can ship within the UK, you can also post to Ireland. But there are some differences so it’s always important to check your package for any prohibited or restricted items before you send a parcel to Ireland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is posting to Ireland the same as posting in the UK?

If you’re sending a parcel to Ireland from the UK, it’s a little more complicated than sending a parcel to another place in the UK, because Ireland is a separate country within the EU. That means that your parcel might be subject to EU VAT and you’ll need to check customs requirements like you would with any other country overseas.

But don't worry, we'll send you all the customs documentation and VAT information you need when you complete the booking process.

How much does it cost to post to Ireland from the UK?

Postage to Ireland costs as little as £7.09 when you ship your parcel to Ireland with us. And we’re proud to say that you won’t find a shipping price cheaper than that!

What can you not send to Ireland?

Generally, anything you can ship to other areas of the UK, you can ship to Ireland. But there are some restrictions, including:

  • Covid tests

  • Fresh or perishable foods

  • White goods, such as cooker hoods

  • Any form of ID or passport

  • Liquids and creams

  • Anything containing batteries

And each courier will have their own restricted items too - so make sure you check out our prohibited items list before you ship your parcel. You can contact the Irish Tax and Customs office if you’re unsure about anything you’re sending.

How long does it take to ship a package to Ireland?

Shipping to Ireland can take anywhere from 2-13 days, depending on your needs. If you need an express delivery to Ireland, book your DPD Ireland delivery with us to have your parcel arrive in just 2-5 days! 

Or just enter the weight and dimensions of your parcel into our quote tool to view all your options for shipping to Ireland.