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Getting Started

Registering on Parcel2go

To use Smart Send you will need to have a registered Parcel2go account. Click here to register now. 


Setting up Smart Send

If you haven't used Smart Send before you will need to set up your account. If you're not automatically redirected to Smart Send, go to the 'Smart Send' menu in the top navigation and click on 'Go to Smart Send'.


You will be taken through the setup where you will need to tell us your name, phone number and address. Once completed, you will find yourself on your Smart Send dashboard.


Dashboard Overview

The Smart Send Dashboard is split into two sections:

  1. Smart Send Orders - Once you have linked your sales channels, all orders can be managed from the top four panels.

    • New Orders - Any order that needs to be managed and processed can be found in this section.
    • Awaiting Dispatch - Once orders are processed, any orders that need to be 'Marked as Dispatched' for your sales channel are filtered, for ease, into this section.
    • Orders In Transit -  Orders marked as dispatched but not yet delivered are found in this section. Again, for ease, they are filtered separately. 
    • Previous Orders - All orders, once delivered, can be found within this section. 

  2. Account Management - Anything to do with your Smart Send account can be managed with the bottom four panels.

    • Prepay Balance - View or add any prepay balance here.
    • Support Updates- Any issues that arise with any of your deliveries will be flagged here.
    • Account Concerns -  Any issues that prevent you from using Smart Send will be displayed in this section.
    • Claim Updates - Any order you have had to make an enquiry about will sit here.


Linking a Sales Channel

Once you have arrived at the dashboard, if you haven't already you will need to link at least one of your sales channels. You can do this by navigating to the 'Smart Send' menu in the top navigation and click on 'Linked Accounts'


Click on 'Link New Account' on the sales channel you require or 'Upload a Spreadsheet' if you're using a CSV file. Follow the detailed instructions on the next page. 

Here are some of the sales Channels available:




To find out more about linking a sales channel Click here.

How your orders are imported

Once you have linked your sales channel(s), your orders will automatically be imported to Smart Send when you make a sale. To view your imported orders, click on the 'New Orders' panel within the dashboard.

If you have linked a CSV file you will automatically be taken to the Smart Send tool. 


Managing your Orders

Click on the New Orders panel to begin managing your orders.



By default orders are displayed by Product name. If you have multiple recipients with the same product name, these will be listed below. You can change this by clicking on the Sort By icon to change the way they are listed. 


To help you understand the status of your orders we have a variation of tabs at the top. These tabs include: 

  • View All - All orders that have been imported from your sales channel.
  • Ready - Orders in here are ready for you to send.
  • Not Ready - Orders in need attending to.
  • Saved for Later - Orders you have chosen to save for later
  • Group Items - Orders which have the same address will be in here so you can easily group them into as many parcels as required. 


Choosing a service

When you first start using Smart Send you will need to apply a service to your orders. To do this simply click on 'Please choose a service' within the Service/Courier column.


When a service is chosen you will see the name, logo and price. If you need to change the service, click on the logo or hover over the area and click 'Edit'.


To apply a service to multiple orders, use the checkboxes to the left of each order, to select the ones you need. The task bar will appear at the bottom of the page where you can the click on 'Choose a Service'.


    Tip: Applying a service to more than one order

When changing the service on multiple orders, you will need to check the 'Apply service to all selected items' box which sits at the top of the quotes. If you do not check this box then Smart Send will not override any current setting.


Editing the parcel weight and dimensions

Under the Parcel Details column, you should see the weight and dimensions. This information has been pulled in from your sales channel. To make amendments click on this section.


The parcel displayed will allow you to amend the weight and dimensions. Within this you can also amend the quantity and the value. If you parcel is being delivered internationally, you will need to provide a tariff code in this section.


To get the most accurate quote we always recommend that our customers enter the full dimensions. Under-declaring either the weight and/or dimensions may lead to additional surcharges from our couriers.


Editing the delivery address

To edit any delivery details, click on the recipients name and address within the Customer Address column. By default you will see the recipient name, postcode and country of delivery. 


The panel displayed will allow you to amend the name and address as well as the contact phone number and email address. On some services chosen, you may be able to leave delivery instructions. 


Most couriers require a phone number and/or email address. If the customer doesn't provide these, you can provide your own. There are three ways you to do this:

  1. Manually fill in these details.
  2. Use our Bulk Actions. Find out how by clicking here.
  3. Set up a rule using Rule Manager. Find out how by clicking here.


Our recommendation would be to create a rule. This will save you a lot of time as the Rule Manager, once the rule has been created, will automatically fill in any missing information. 


Saving orders for later and deleting orders

To delay sending any orders, you can choose to 'Save For Later'. Saving an order for later will add this to the 'Save For Later' tab, at the top of the page.


If you need to delete any orders, simply check the box next to each of the required ones. The task bar will appear at the bottom of the page with an option for you to delete. Go ahead and click on this. Any orders that are deleted can be restored at a later date.


To find out more about deleting and restoring orders click here.


Grouping orders

If some of your orders are being delivered to the same address, we have an option for you to group these together. Simply go to the 'Group Orders' tab at the top of the page. In her you will be able to select the orders you want to group together. As well as grouping them into one box, you can also use the option to place these orders into multiple boxes. For example, if one of your customers has ordered four items, you could potentially group these items into two boxes. 

When you have completed the grouping of your orders, make sure you check the weight and dimensions. By default, Smart Advisor can calculate the weight for you, however, the dimensions will need to be reviewed. Make sure these details are correct to avoid any additional charges by the couriers. 


To find out more about grouping and splitting orders click here.


Preparing your Order

Preparation Checklist 

Once you've managed your orders you can now prepare to book. Before booking we always recommend that you check the following are correct:


  • Weight and dimensions of the parcel.
  • Under-declaring the weight and/or size could result in additional surcharges by the courier
  • Customs information, including tariff codes
  • Excluding any relevant information such as parcel contents and tariff codes could result in delays at customs
  • Relevant protection
  • Depending on your business needs, you may want to protect your parcel from any loss or damage.


Adding additional features


Parcel Protection

Covers the cost of your order in the event it is lost or damaged. Terms and conditions.


Delivery Guarantee

All full refund of your carriage if your parcel is not delivered by a specified date. this date will be dependent on the service type and when the parcel is collected or dropped off. 


Proof of Delivery

Guarantee your parcel has been received by adding a signature to your delivery.


Print in Store

No printer, no problem, some of our couriers offer to print the label for you. Find out more.


Making a Purchase

Summary of your orders

Once you are happy with your orders, you can go ahead and book. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Click the 'Continue to Booking'  button which sits within the task bar, at the bottom of the page.
  2. Select the orders you want to send by clicking the box next to each and then click the 'Book Items'  button within the task bar. 

The Booking Summary will give you an overview of the amount of parcels, which couriers you are using and the final price. 


Payment methods

Once you are happy with your orders, chose your payment option and then click 'Book Parcels'. If you are using PrePay, your orders will book automatically. If you are paying via card, a payment link will be created, click this and continue to pay. 


Downloading your labels

Once payment is successful you will then be able to download your labels. Click here to find out more about downloading labels. 




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