Is Parcel Protection Worth It?

Like any other form of cover, Parcel Protection is something you hope you’ll never need! So, is it really worth paying extra to protect your parcel?

The benefit of parcel protection will really depend on what you’re sending and its value. Perhaps if you’re sending something worth under £10, it might not be worth it, but if you’re sending something more valuable, like memorabilia, parcel protection will give you some extra peace of mind.

Even with the most careful couriers, loss or damage does occasionally happen and a protected parcel is one that you can claim for.

So, is it worth it? We think it is.


What are the Benefits of Parcel Protection?




Our couriers always handle every parcel with care, but there are always times when you want some assurance with your parcel delivery. That’s where parcel protection comes in handy.

Parcel protection is beneficial when you are:

  • Shipping high value items like mobile phones and jewellery
  • Sending parcels at busy times like Christmas, such as alcohol
  • Sending internationally

Parcel Protection will give you cover against unexpected situations such as lost, damaged, or stolen parcels. And with Parcel2Go, you’ll be able to protect the full value of your parcel up to £10,000 depending on the parcel service you choose. Ideal for sending valuable items like jewellery or golf clubs.

Our Parcel Protection is available for both our UK and international parcel services, and if you need to make a claim, we have a dedicated team who can help handle your query quickly and efficiently.


How Much Does it Cost to Protect a Parcel?

At Parcel2Go, we have a two-tier pricing option.

When you get a quote, we'll show you results both with and without parcel protection. Depending on the service you choose, you can get additional protection up to £20 for just a little extra!

But if your parcel is worth over £20, you can choose to upgrade your parcel protection to fully cover your parcel. To find out how much it’ll cost to protect your parcel, simply get a free quote with us!


Which Couriers Offer Parcel Protection?




At Parcel2Go, no matter which courier you choose, you can opt for extra peace of mind with parcel protection.

However, some couriers will give you different options when it comes to levels of protection.

For example, parcel protection on our Royal Mail services will give you an inclusive £150 cover on tracked 24 and 48 hour UK services. You won't be able to add any additional parcel protection to Royal Mail services - worth bearing in mind if you’re sending something over that value, like jewellery or golf clubs.

UPS doesn't have an option to send a parcel without protection. However, their parcel protection will always have you covered for a minimum of £50 - great for extra security when you’re sending special items.

No matter your sending needs, you can always rely on Parcel2Go’s range of to fully protect your parcel against loss, damage and theft. Get a quote and see how much you could save today!


Are There Restrictions on Parcel Protection?

Before you buy parcel protection, you should check our list of prohibited items. This list includes the items which we protect for loss, not damage, as well as those which can only be carried on a no protection basis.

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