My parcel arrived damaged. Can I make a claim?

We're very sorry your parcel has arrived damaged. We class damage to a parcel as damage to the parcel contents, not damage to the box or packaging the parcel was sent in.

To be eligible for a damage claim:

- Be the contract holder with Parcel2Go, no one else can open a claim on your behalf.

- You must notify us within 14 days of delivery.

- The item you sent must not appear on our prohibited/no protection items list.

If you're the recipient

- We strongly recommend that you retain any damaged item(s) as well as the parcel packaging until any claim is settled.

- Only the account holder can open a claim. Unless you booked this parcel with us, please contact the sender. They will contact us to make enquiries on your behalf.

If you're the sender

- To make a claim for damage, click here and enter the details of your parcel, and follow the on-screen instructions.

- We will require photographic evidence of both the damage to the parcel and the packaging itself as part of the claims process.


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