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Shipping Advice For Sending Jewellery By Courier

What are my options when using a jewellery courier?

The shipping and delivery of jewellery must be handled with care to avoid any damage. By choosing a trustworthy courier service to collect your jewellery, you gain the confidence that your items will be delivered in the same condition they were sent. When selecting a jewellery courier service, keep the following in mind:

  • Different types and sizes of jewellery pieces - carefully measure and weigh your jewellery to get your parcel measurements to find the best option.

  • Package them carefully - to ensure your jewellery arrives in the same condition it was sent, wrap your parcel in appropriate packaging. For most jewellery, this may just be a padded envelope or a reinforced box.

  • Delivery choices - decide on the most suitable delivery method. If the jewellery you are sending is valuable, you may want to consider adding recorded delivery - this applies for when you are sending clothing by post too!

  • Restricted items - before dispatching any jewellery or associated items, ensure that they meet the shipping guidelines (you can view our list of restricted items).

Convenient Pick Up and Drop Off Services

We offer many delivery service options, including parcel collection and drop off delivery. With many pick up services and drop off locations near you, you can choose the most convenient option for you.

Large, Heavy and Small Parcels

Small, large or heavy parcels aren't a problem for our couriers - we can handle any non-prohibited items of many sizes, shapes and weight! Use our quick quote tool to find out more.

Free Parcel Tracking Included

We offer free parcel tracking with every delivery you book through Parcel2Go. When you book through our quick quote tool, parcel tracking is included as standard, so you can have peace of mind on where your parcel is on each step of its journey.

International Shipping

We also have international parcel delivery options for sending jewellery abroad. Please check the prohibited items section and the country restrictions for more when booking online with Parcel2Go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send jewellery by post?

Yes, you can send jewellery by post, but there are some steps you should take to ensure it is sent correctly. These include: postal insurance and well-protected packaging. If you are sending jewellery as a gift, adding recorded delivery can help guarantee that your parcel arrives safely. Prices start from just £2.15 exc VAT.

Can you send jewellery to Australia?

No, you can't send jewellery to Australia. It is the only country with this rule.

Can I send jewellery by DHL?

There are certain items that are restricted with DHL. These include: high value jewellery, cigarettes, antiques, and dangerous goods.

Jewellery and watches valued at more than £10,000 are prohibited.