Why is Sustainability in Business a Key Strategy?

Sustainability is something we’ve been hearing a lot about recently. And with good reason. There can be no doubt that we are in the midst of a climate emergency.

Today, there is more CO2 in our atmosphere than ever before, and emissions are growing at their fastest since 2011. 

Here at Parcel2Go, we strongly support the choice of eco-friendly strategies and products. However, with so many sustainability solutions and strategies, it can be hard to choose the right one for your business. We've given you an insight into how some companies are using sustainability. 


Do You Know What Sustainability is?

Sustainability can mean many things. It’s something we can choose to do on a personal level by doing things like recycling more, using our cars less, and choosing renewable forms of energy. But sustainability in business is important too. 

For example, businesses account for one-fifth of all the waste produced in England, of which 60% could be recycled.

But, as sustainability becomes high on everyone’s priority list, consumers are now beginning to choose the brands they use based on their environmental policies. A recent study revealed that over 75% of grocery shoppers switch, avoid or boycott brands over their sustainability strategy. This means that sustainability in business should be on everyone’s agenda.

Let’s take a look at a few businesses that know why sustainability is important:

DPD: Parcel Delivery

When it comes to sustainability, DPD is investing heavily. Pursuing their aim of becoming the greenest delivery company around, they’re planning to have 600 electric vehicles on the road by the end of the year. They’re also starting green packaging initiatives and looking at innovative recycling programmes.

As a business, they know why sustainability is important. One great thing they’ve put in place is the ability for customers to micromanage their delivery preferences. This has resulted in 99.8% of parcels being delivered first time, saving 3.5 million miles on the road and resulting in 1,233 tonnes of CO2 not being generated.

Want to send a parcel with DPD? You can get a quick quote here.


Bulb: Gas and Electricity

First launched in 2015, Bulb is the UK’s fastest-growing energy supplier and controls an estimated 5% of the UK’s domestic energy market. With over 1.6 million members, it provides 100% renewable energy and 100% carbon-neutral gas which is sourced from renewable generators such as wind, hydro and solar.

Challenging the myth that renewable energy is expensive, their mission is to reduce their customers’ energy bills as well as their carbon emissions.

Champions of sustainability in business, they launched the Bulb Foundation in 2019, which supports a project that fights the climate crisis.

Not only do they want to slow climate change, but they also want to help the people who are already dealing with its effects.


Pandora: Jewellery

Recently making the news for their decision to shun traditionally mined diamonds and concentrate solely on lab-grown gems, Pandora puts sustainability at the heart of their company. 

Fully committed to sustainability in business, the company says the move to created diamonds will help them towards their sustainability goals of being carbon neutral by 2025.

Not only will this move help Pandora navigate some of the human rights issues that have been associated with traditionally mined diamond sources, it will also enable them to accurately track their carbon footprint and emissions at every stage of their jewellery production.

As well as switching over to so-called ‘fake diamonds’, they will also move exclusively to recycled silver and gold to reduce their materials related emissions.


Currys PC World: Technology

Currently holding the title of the UK’s number one tech recycler, Currys PC World is on a mission to become the country’s greenest and most responsible tech retailer.

The launch of their “Go Greener” campaign last year feeds perfectly into their sustainability strategy. 

Not only are customers encouraged to recycle their old tech products, but they’re also committed to providing access to exciting new technology that will help their customers save water, become more energy-efficient, and reduce food waste.

Providing eco-friendly washing machines is high on their sustainability agenda. They offer machines that can get rid of 100 different stains at just 20 degrees, smart washing machines that use minimal water, and heat pump dryers that help customers meet their own sustainability goals by using less electricity.

In the UK alone, a shocking £9.7 billion of food is wasted each year, with the average family throwing away almost £30 worth of food each month. Currys PC World has a great range of smart fridges, that help keep food fresher for longer, whilst using smart temperature control to make them more energy-efficient.

All this adds up to homes that are much more eco friendly.


Eco-Friendly Packaging 

Sustainability strategies are the first step for your business. If you are tired of excess packaging waste, maybe choose an eco-friendly material that can be disposed of easily. At Parcel2Go, we've partnered with Priority Direct to join them in their mission to minimise the environmental impact of ecommerce through using sustainable packaging for parcels. Ship Greener today!

Next time you think about packaging ideas for your products, impress your customers with innovative packaging ideas that not only catch their eye but set an example of how minimal, eco-friendly options can be just as effective. At the moment sustainable packaging is an alternative option, but it will soon become more important across all industries.

When you have planned your packaging options, head over to Parcel2Go to get the most affordable postage prices. 

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