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1. Sign in/Register with your account
2. Link your eBay account
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3. Effortless shipping
with Auto Send
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1 Faster Sending

Stay ahead of the game when you sell online with
Auto Send's effortless shipping process.

  • Delivery your way with software that learns how you like to send.
  • Automatically import items from your e-commerce accounts.
  • Get email notifications when orders are ready with one-click booking.

2 Customisable Preferences

Auto Send's customisation features grant you faster
booking without sacrificing control.

  • Set specific preferences for each item you send, from service type to Parcel Protection value.
  • Set sending rules to ensure that items without specific preferences are still sent in a way that suits you.
  • Edit Auto Send preferences at any time.

3 Effortless Payments

Simplify your Auto Send payments with PrePay,
our secure, one-click payment system.

  • Skip entering your payment details when you book.
  • Automate topping up with Auto PrePay for an even smoother payment experience.
  • Get bonus credit when you top up.

This tool is great! Quick, easy, and a perfect time saver whether you have only a few parcels or a large number of varied parcels to send.

Jane Dulieu - Viscount Fishing