What is Next Day Delivery?

What is next-day delivery?

Next-day delivery is a delivery service that allows you to have goods delivered the day after they’re collected by the courier. Next-day delivery is also referred to as 24-hour delivery.

Next-day delivery means that senders can have items delivered to their customers more quickly than with a standard 2 or 3-day service.

For businesses selling online, having a next-day delivery option is essential to prompt customers to purchase, as slower delivery options can push customers toward other sellers that can offer fast delivery.


How does next-day delivery work?

Next-day delivery works in much the same way as a standard courier service. When delivery is booked, the sender can drop off their item at a nearby drop-off location or have it collected from a specified address.

Once the courier has collected the item, they’ll delivery it to the recipient within 24 hours. Packages that are marked for next-day delivery will be sorted and separated from standard delivery packages to be expedited to their recipients.

When you book a next-day delivery through Parcel2Go, you’ll be able to track your consignment with online end-to-end tracking. All you’ll need is your reference number.


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