Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) frequently asked questions.



What is IOSS?

Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) is an electronic portal for businesses to comply with VAT obligations on UK goods sold to EU consumers and valued up to £135/€150.

  • Allows businesses to declare VAT upfront and pay online on a monthly basis.

  • Helps businesses to pay VAT at the point of sale rather than the point of import or prior to delivery.


How does IOSS work?

Any VAT and customs charges are paid at the point of sale through the IOSS scheme on goods sold to EU customers and valued up to £135/€150. This means no taxes and duties need to be collected at the point of import saving time and effort.


How do I register for IOSS?

Your UK businesses can be registered on the IOSS portal of any EU Member State.


Who should use IOSS?

UK Business and Marketplaces senders that are sending goods sold to EU up to £135/€150 could hugely benefit from IOSS.


Is IOSS mandatory?

No, IOSS is optional. Customers can book our services without the need of an IOSS number. Any customs duties and taxes would then be payable by the recipient (Delivered Duty Unpaid), or you can choose to pay duties upfront on selected services (Delivered Duty Paid).


The goods I am sending are over €150. What are my options?

You have two options here - Delivery Duty Paid or Delivery Duty Unpaid. We've got everything you need to know about DDP & DDU in the following link.


I have added an incorrect IOSS number. Can I change it?

Once a parcel is in transit Parcel2Go can request the IOSS number is changed via the courier, however it is not guaranteed that customs will accept it. If the parcel has yet to be dropped off or collected then our Customer Service team will be able to add or amend your booking details including IOSS number.


Will there be any additional customs charges to pay if I provide an IOSS number?

No, all customs charges will be covered at point of sale, and therefore no DDP or DDU option will be offered when booking your order.



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