Payment of Import Fees

What you Need to Know

If you're sending an item from one individual in the UK to another in the EU - and that item is not a gift worth less than £39/€45 - you need to choose how to pay EU VAT and customs charges.

You have two choices:

  1. You pay (DDP) all charges ahead of time on Parcel2Go
  2. Your recipient pays (DDU) to release their parcel for delivery from local customs.

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)

DDP is where you pay all customs, duties and fees before sending goods to your recipient in an EU country. This is a much better option for your recipient, as it avoids them encountering any nasty surprise charges.

From July 1st 2021, DDP can be selected as a payment option on Parcel2Go during the order process on selected services.

Remember: DDP is also cheaper and quicker than sending by DDU.

Why Choose to Pay Taxes and Duties Before you Send?
  • Faster - Quicker processing at customs.
  • Cheaper - Charges are less than what the recipient would pay.
  • Better Experience - No charges for the recipient to worry about.

Our Top Tips:

If you're buying an item for an EU recipient through an online store or marketplace that ships goods on your behalf, the seller will likely bundle all costs together and charge you a total price inclusive of DDP at the point of sale. This means that once the purchase is complete, all your recipient has to do is wait to receive their parcel!

Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU)

DDU is where your recipient in the EU pays all customs, duties and fees after their goods have arrived in the destination country.

In this scenario, local customs contact your recipient, who must pay any outstanding charges before their goods are released for final delivery.

Remember: Parcels will be held by customs until payments are made. Any payments not received may result in parcels being returned, delayed or in some cases destroyed.

Our Top Tips:

DDU creates extra steps and more hassle for your EU recipients. To avoid this, consider using DDP when booking your parcels on Parcel2Go.