What is International Shipping?

The phrase ‘international shipping available’ is often added to a product page with an expectation that it’s generally understood what is meant by the term, but for many customers it’s not so clear.

Let's demystify what international shipping is and how sellers can use it to improve their business.


What does international shipping mean?


International shipping is the term used to describe a parcel delivery or group of parcel deliveries in which the parcel is taken from one country and delivered to an address in another.

Many online sellers will offer international shipping as a means to attract an audience that goes beyond the limits of the country they’re selling in.

Because of the number of resources involved to get a parcel from one country to another, international shipping is typically a little more expensive than domestic deliveries.


What is expedited international shipping?


Expedited international shipping is a service that moves more quickly than an economy service. 

Whereas an economy service might take 5–10 days to be delivered from one country to another, expedited international shipping takes just 1–3 days on average.

Offering expedited international shipping as an option to buyers is a real advantage for a lot of businesses. If your product is required for a specific occasion, or it’s just plain exciting, customers are likely to spend a little extra for expedited international delivery in order to receive their purchase sooner.

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