Top Tips for Last Posting Dates 2021: UK and International

It’s December and we’re officially in the full-on Christmas count-down!

But as well as researching funny Elf on the Shelf ideas, most of us will also be thinking of last posting dates, particularly if you have family and friends you won’t be seeing over Christmas.

Last posting dates for Christmas are around the 21st December if you’re sending by First Class mail.

But if you use a parcel delivery service, our last posting dates for next day delivery run up until 23rd December.

Although this does depend on where you’re sending your parcel.

Last posting dates to the UK are more generous but last posting dates for USA run up to 22nd December and last posting dates for Australia only go up to the 21st December.

We always recommend sending your parcels early to allow plenty of time for your Christmas presents to arrive.

But don’t worry if you have to leave it to the last minute - use these 6 handy tips to give your parcel the best chance of taking pride of place under the tree on Christmas morning.


Our Top Last Posting Dates Tips


1. Check the address is right

It might sound obvious, but it can be really easy to make a mistake when addressing your parcel, especially if you’re sending it to an unfamiliar country. Incorrect delivery address details are one of the biggest causes of courier delivery issues.

Always double check the address details you are providing, including the name of the person you are sending the parcel to. You’ll also want to check the format of the address, particularly if you’re sending your parcel abroad, to make sure it’s in the right format for that country.


2. Re-using an old box? Take off ALL the old labels

You should make it as easy as possible for you parcel to glide through the delivery process.

Re-using an old, box is a great idea, but you’ll want to take off all the old labels (or at least cover them up) to make sure that no delivery details get confused.


3. Make sure the box is strong enough

Packaging your items in a strong box is absolutely vital to make sure your parcel arrives in time for Christmas.

Your parcel will go through lots of different stages of transit during its journey, and so we always recommend you choose a box larger than your item so you can protect your presents with extra packaging inside.

Strong, double-walled cardboard boxes are generally best, as these are less likely to tear or collapse during transit.

Make sure you seal the box properly too - we like to use parcel tape so that it sticks firmly.


4. Attach the shipping label securely

Once your Christmas gifts are all securely packaged up, you’ll need to attach the shipping label securely and prominently to your parcel.

It’s a good idea to put this into a poly-pocket before attaching it to your box with packing tape to make it more durable.


5. Don’t send prohibited items

It’s important to check that the items you’re sending in your package aren’t prohibited on the service you want to use - particularly if you want to send your parcel abroad.

Attempting to send restricted items may result in your package being refused at the point of collection, destroyed, or returned to sender.

You can find a list of prohibited items here.


6. Use online parcel tracking

When you send a parcel with us, almost all of the couriers we work with offer free door-to-door tracking. This means you can let your loved one know when those last-minute gifts are likely to arrive, so they can be in and ready to receive their gifts on the other end.

With Parcel2Go, you also have the option of using signed for delivery and we offer inclusive Parcel Protection.


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