Three reasons why Parcel2Go is at the top of its game


With a worldwide survey from the Universal Postal Union informing us that 70 per cent of the organisation’s members believe postal e-services are strategically important for the future, Parcel2Go’s business  is more important than ever, dedicated to being the best in its industry by bringing the latest online services to its customers.

So, I thought I’d let you know exactly why Parcel2Go is the number one international parcel delivery service.

1. “Parcel firm makes it into rich list”

Yes, that’s right – the parcel firm talked about in this article is in fact Parcel2Go. was rated as one of the country’s top 100 privately owned technology companies, and was featured in the annual Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track Top 100 league table at number 89.

Described as a “rapidly expanding firm”, Parcel2Go’s sales have increased by an impressive 40 per cent over the past three years. The company has an annual turnover of almost £17 million and employs 46 people.

But it’s also important to know that Parcel2Go gives back to the community – something highlighted by founder and CEO Fil Adams-Mercer, who appeared on Channel 4′s The Secret Millionaire, where he donated thousands of pounds to charities in Yorkshire.

2. CEO Interview in HR Magazine

Speaking of Parcel2Go’s CEO Mr Adams-Mercer, did you know he built the company from the ground up, despite leaving school at the age of 15 with no qualifications?

HR magazine interviewed the hugely successful entrepreneur, most likely because his story is a truly inspirational one.

The magazine describes Mr Adams-Mercer as a “straight-talking, Bolton-born, market-stallholder-cum-supermarket assistant-cum-lorry driver-cum-video rental shopkeeper-cum greengrocer”, which goes to show just how far this northerner has come.

Throughout the interview he emphasises that “to get a business off the ground, you have to break some rules.”

I like the sound of that!

“You show me someone who has failed a few times, and I’ll show you someone who’s got everything they need to succeed,” says Mercer

“The point about good people is that if you have the best and offer them a stake in you, they’ll do anything for you,” he says sagely. “If you’re a people person, you always get more out of your staff.”

And that’s the great thing about Parcel2Go’s CEO. He may be a shrewd businessman, but at heart he’s a compassionate man…

“The only advice I’m going to give my new chairman is this: ‘If you’re going to get rid of someone, look into their eyes; and if you can see their mortgage, their family, and their livelihood being destroyed, think again. Can they be given a chance? Could you have helped them differently before this stage? Just don’t sack them and use them as pawns.”

Is it any wonder Parcel2go has seen such huge success with a man like this behind it?

3. Parcel2Go offers customers even more choice

When news hit that Parcel2go was offering its customers even more choice by teaming up with Hermes, the online courier service industry just got a little bit sweeter.

Richard Mercer, Business Development Manager at Parcel2Go, said: “We are always looking for new ways to improve the services we provide, which includes finding new parcel delivery partners who can help get our customers’ consignments to destinations all over the UK, quickly and reliably.

“We are delighted to now be able to offer parcel courier services from Hermes, a company that like us puts its customers first and has considerable experience of the UK delivery industry. Providing choice and value for money has always been our goal at Parcel2Go and we're excited that Hermes is now helping us to fulfil that aim.”

And if those reasons don’t convince you why Parcel2go is the best in the industry, then I don’t know what will!



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