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With 2020 in full swing, you might be wondering how you can increase revenue and expand your business this year. You could consider things like adding more products to your range or putting your prices up - but what if there was a better, easier way to boost your business?

Offering a wealth of benefits, it’s time you thought about marketplaces. Specifically, one of the front-runners in the up-and-coming marketplace sector: OnBuy. Already a viable sales channel for thousands of online retailers, OnBuy’s rapid growth is set to skyrocket this year - read on to find out why OnBuy is right for you.

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OnBuy is More Than Just a Sales Channel

With over 3,000 sellers and hundreds more joining per month, OnBuy’s range of benefits and unique approach are certainly attracting retailers quickly.

For starters, sellers get competitive selling fees, risk-free selling forever (more on this below!) and PayPal Seller Protection - and the best bit? OnBuy are the only UK marketplace to offer immediate payment on dispatch, thanks to their partnership with the global payment processor, PayPal.

Beyond that, OnBuy offer their complete assurance that they’ll work with you, not against you. As they’re not a retailer, they don’t sell their own products which means they can focus all their efforts on marketing your products to grow your sales. 

However, what makes OnBuy truly different to the other major marketplaces is their fair, transparent approach. They believe in partnership, not making a profit off you!


Two Guarantees for OnBuy Sellers

  • A Transparent Fee Guarantee reflects their ethos nicely; every single OnBuy seller pays the same sales fees. 
  • Standard account holders also get OnBuy’s £500 Sales Guarantee


*If you make less than £500 in sales in a month, they’ll waive the next month’s Standard subscription fee. This offer applies throughout your time selling with them, making them a truly risk-free sales channel!


OnBuy = Opportunity

With an incredible 21 million products listed, you might think OnBuy has it all ticked off. Not quite! There are still gaps in their catalogue and areas where pricing is uncompetitive compared to other channels. This directly translates to opportunities for you.

If you sell products that OnBuy doesn’t have yet or you’ve seen pricing on OnBuy that you could improve on, make the most of this opportunity to be a category-leader while you can!

Have you heard that 2020 is the year OnBuy goes global? OnBuy plan to launch their already-successful UK marketplace model into over 140 countries over the next 3 years, starting this year.

Set to take their sellers’ products to a global audience, OnBuy want to provide a viable international sales channel for all sellers so they’ll make selling worldwide as easy as possible. They’ll offer optional auto-translation and auto-currency conversion but give sellers control in overriding the settings for each country to ensure their setup works for their business.


Selling Made Simple

You’ll be pleased to know that getting set up on OnBuy is simple. Just register your interest via their website and one of their friendly UK-based team will be in touch within one working day to see how OnBuy can help you grow your sales.

Along with a UK-based team on hand to help you get set up, OnBuy has a range of integrations with leading channel systems to help you onboard and manage your sales. Partnering with leading courier services like Parcel2Go, who establish strong relationships with courier companies so you don’t have to, selling through OnBuy is only going to get better.

Once you’re signed up and your products are online... 

  1. Simply set your best prices.
  2. Add your delivery settings (bonus points if you can provide a service that qualifies for a Fast Free or Priority delivery badge!)
  3. Sit back and watch the sales roll in.
  4. Manage it all via one easy-to-use dashboard.

Although OnBuy report less and fewer sellers need this, don’t forget the Sales Guarantee has you covered for any quieter months!



OnBuy’s Rapid Growth is About to Explode

Speaking of quieter months, it’s hardly likely there’ll be any going forward given the strong position OnBuy’s entered 2020 in. Having seen a phenomenal 2019 (with over 5x growth created compared to 2018, over £1,000,000 in sales for sellers on Black Friday alone and a hugely sales-driven Christmas), OnBuy recently secured major venture capital backing.

The leading firm has committed to investing in the development of OnBuy; from doubling their team to powering new developments (think features, solutions and integrations), plus an increased marketing strategy, OnBuy’s already rapid growth is set to skyrocket. 

Don’t miss out! Find out more about selling with OnBuy or register your interest now to give your business a boost for 2020.

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