How do I search for an order with Smart Send?

Are you wanting to organise your orders a certain way or do you want to find a specific order? With Smart Send, it’s easy to find what you need with our sort, filter and search. In this guide we’ll cover:



Sorting Orders


By default, orders are displayed by Product. The sort function was created to give you better control on how you want to see your orders. There are several other ways for you to sort, for example, if you have multiple orders that come in over the weekend, you can sort them by ‘Date’. This will allow to focus on orders that came first.


You can sort your orders by:


  • Product
  • Recipient
  • Date
  • Marketplace
  • Service
  • Country
  • Item Status
  • Quantity
  • Order Status
  • Weight


Filtering Orders


Our filters are a great way to let you target those orders you want to see. Unlike the sort function, using filters will allow you to see the orders you want whilst hiding the orders that you don’t.


You can filter by:


  • Item Status
  • Product
  • Product SKU
  • Order Status
  • Service
  • Courier Account
  • Country
  • Tags
  • Owner
  • Added Extras
  • Marketplace
  • Order Date
  • Order type
  • Quantity Ordered
  • Parcel Weight


Filters will continue to show the orders on screen until you remove them


Searching Orders

There are two ways to search for orders:


1. Searching for an imported order

Within the New Orders section, you can easily search for a particular order by clicking on the filter icon and typing in a search within the form field. To narrow the search you can always click on ‘Refine Results’ which will show the filters.


2. Searching for a booked order

Once you have booked your orders you may need to search for a specific order after you have booked it. Our powerful search tool will allow you to type in any description. This could be a reference number, a surname or a postcode - just type in what you can remember.


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