How do I apply or change the service with Smart Send?

When orders are imported into Smart Send, depending on the status, they could be grouped together into one parcel. Orders can also be split into multiple boxes if required. In this guide we’ll cover:

Applying a Service to an Order


To apply a service, click the text link ‘Please choose a service’ on the Service / Courier section of an order. All services available will now be displayed. 


Services will be displayed in three columns, Next Day+, Two Day+ and Three Day+. This is to help you narrow down the service you require based on speed. You can also choose the type of service by choosing Collection or Drop Off from the dropdown menu.


To choose the service you want, simply review the prices. Take note of which ones include parcel protection. Once you have decided, go ahead and check the box of the one you want.


You have successfully chosen a service for your order.


    Apply to more than one order


To apply a service to more than one order, select the orders using the checkboxes to the left of each. Once selected, the task bar at the bottom of the page will give you an option saying ‘Choose a Service’. Go ahead and choose your relevant service.



Changing a Service


To change the service of an order, hover over the Service / Courier and click ‘Edit’. Go ahead and choose a different service.


If you’d like to change the service to multiple orders select the ones you want, using the checkboxes to the left of each order, and click on ‘Choose a Service’ within the task bar.


    Change more than one order


When changing the service on multiple orders, you will need to check the box at the top of the ‘Choose a Service’ page. The checkbox sits at the top, next to the available tabs. You are looking for ‘Apply service to all selected items’. If you do not check this box then Smart Send will not override any current setting.



Setting a Default Service


If you’d like a specific service to be used by default, then it may be worth creating a rule. Visit our Rule Manager Guides on how to automate this process.


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