How do I upload a spreadsheet (CSV file)?

Our Spreadsheet upload tool allows you to upload a CSV file and will map your columns to the information that is required. There are several ways for you to upload a spreadsheet.

Scroll down if you'd like a step-by-step guide:


Step 1

Go to the ‘Account’ menu within the top navigation and click on ‘Linked Account’.


Step 2

Next to the spreadsheeticon, click ‘Upload a Spreadsheet’.


Step 3

Click on ‘Choose’, to search for your file. Select it and then click ‘Open’.


Step 4

Click on ‘Upload Spreadsheet’ button. You will automatically be taken to the Smart Send tool where you can view your items.


Step 5

The second way to upload your spreadsheet is directly from the Smart Send tool. If you have no items you can click on ‘Upload Spreadsheet’ from the welcome screen.

To do this simply go to the person icon in the top right and click on ‘Linked Accounts’.


The Format of Your Spreadsheet

If you’ve never uploaded a spreadsheet to our platform before, download our template to familiarise yourself with the format.

For best results, we recommend you name your columns as the ones listed in the table below.

Column Name Example Data Notes
Item Details
Item Name Replica Endoskeleton  
Value 599.45 Item value with no currency symbols
Reference T2JD This is your reference for the item
Quantity 1 If not provided this will default to 1
Item Dimensions
Weight 54.4 Weight in Kg
Height 178.2 CM or Inches can be selected during the upload process
Length 50.4 CM or Inches can be selected during the upload process
Width 43.2 CM or Inches can be selected during the upload process
Delivery Address
Name John Smith Name of recipient
Property Coe House  
Street Coe Street  
Locality Bolton  
Town Bolton  
County Lancashire  
Postcode YO12 7JZ  
Country GB  
Telephone 0120 123 123  


Please Note:

Our 'Recommended CSV Format' page gives additional on formatting, recommended fields and allows you to download an example file for both domestic and international orders

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