How Will Brexit Impact Your Shipping?

On 31/01/2020 the UK left the EU, and this started the transition period until the 31/12/2020 stated in the Withdrawal Agreement.
During this transition period, nothing changes with the way goods are shipped between the UK and the EU. 
However, the UK and the EU is still in the process of negotiating a Trade Deal that would be applied from the 01/01/2021. as well as all the couriers we work with are fully engaged in the transition process and closely following the progress of negotiations. have created and prepared for all possible scenarios and have along with the couriers we work with years of experience with customs and shipping outside of the EU. 
This would mean that even if there is a no-deal scenario, we would still be able to offer our services and ship parcels to the EU from 01/01/2021 with confidence.

Click here to view the key changes in sending parcels from the UK to the EU from January 1st  2021.

We will keep monitoring negotiations very closely and give a full update of any potential changes as soon as they are agreed. 

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