Brexit advice - what are the key changes?

Brexit will change the process of sending parcels from the UK to the EU from January 1st 2021. More info.

How will Brexit affect booking a parcel on

  • If you are sending goods to the EU, you will be required to complete a ‘Customs Details’ form before finalising your booking. The information provided in the form will be used to generate your Commercial Invoice.
  • Once booked, you will need to attach your Commercial invoice to your order. This will be provided by Parcel2Go, along with your labels.
  • You will now also have to include HS Code information. To help users, suggested HS codes will appear on-screen automatically. These suggestions will be based on the description of the goods you entered.
  • Alternatively, you can manually search for the correct HS code within the booking process

How will VAT be affected by Brexit?

  • Prior to January 1st 2021, UK customers sending parcels to the EU must pay VAT.
  • After January 1st, UK customers will no longer have to pay EU VAT on Parcel2Go bookings.
  • UK VAT may still apply.

What do I need to know about Trade Tariff Codes such as HS/ Commodity Codes?

  • Tariff codes, such as the Harmonised System (HS), are used in international trade to identify goods.
  • HS Codes are only required when sending parcels to the EU from the UK.
  • For such customers, HS Codes are now a mandatory requirement and are used to provide categorisation information for goods bound for the EU.
  • This change will require customers to complete an additional, straightforward step in the order process.

Will the rules surrounding customs clearance be changing after January 1st?

  • Yes. Goods now passing from the UK to the EU (and vice versa) will be treated as imports and exports.
  • As such, specific documentation will need to be provided alongside goods to clear custom borders.
  • These documents will be provided by Parcel2Go.

Will there be additional Duties and Taxes to pay?

  • Yes. Goods entering the UK will be charged Import VAT and Import Duty.
  • Goods leaving the UK for the EU will be charged Import Duty & Import VAT at EU-set rates.
  • The recipient will be liable for these.

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