Which payment methods can I use with Parcel2Go.com?

At checkout, Parcel2go.com will offer a number of ways in which you can pay.

Parcel2Go will never store your credit card details, we use a third-party payment provider to ensure the utmost security.

Available payment methods

  • PrePay
  • Credit/Debit card (Visa, MasterCard)
  • PayPal
  • Amazon

We recommend using PrePay which is a unique service that allows you to add funds to your Parcel2Go account before you book.

Please note we cannot accept American Express AMEX

What is PrePay and how can I use it?

PrePay is a really useful way of saving you time and money when you're booking online. It allows you to pay into your Parcel2Go account in advance of placing your orders and then use this credit to pay for orders, without having to put in your payment details each time. 

Add £100.00 to your account with PrePay or Auto PrePay and we will give you an extra 2% for FREE.

To find out more about PrePay click here.

What is Auto PrePay?

Auto PrePay gives you your time back by updating your PrePay account for you whenever you're running low. That way, you never run out of funds again. This can be used as a fantastic companion to our Smart Send feature.

Setup Auto PrePay now

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