What are the size restrictions of the Parcel2go.com services?

Each service that we offer has its own size restrictions based on the weight and dimensions of the parcel.

With our standard services, you can send parcels with a maximum weight up to 70 kg. The maximum dimensions for our standard services are a length+girth of 2.45m.

If you are sending something that exceeds either of these restrictions then book your pallet courier service with Parcel2Go today. To obtain a pallet quote, select the Pallet icon on our homepage, enter both collection and delivery postcodes then click 'Quote & Book'.


What is length+girth?

‘Length+girth’ is a measurement that provides couriers with an insight into the general size of any given parcel.

The ‘length’ of a parcel is the measurement of its longest side.

The ‘girth’ of a parcel can be found by adding together the lengths of the two remaining dimensions of the parcel - the width and the height - and doubling the total.

Therefore, length+girth can be calculated as follows:

2(Width + Height) + Length


Why does the website say my parcel is too large for standard services?

If your parcel is too large for standard services, that means the weight or dimensions you entered can’t be carried by any of the couriers we work with. Typically, you’ll see this message if your parcel is longer than 2.45 m, or weighs more than 1,000 kg.

However, if your item is within the limits of typical weight and dimension restrictions, it might be the case that your parcel is exceeding the volumetric weight limit for some services.


How do I calculate my parcel's volumetric weight?

Some couriers will base their prices on the volumetric weight of a parcel. The way in which volumetric weight is calculated varies between couriers, but you can get a rough idea of your parcel’s volumetric weight using our volumetric weight calculator below.


Want to know your parcel's volumetric weight? It's easy!

Simply enter your parcel details into our clever Volumetric Weight Calculator below, and it will calculate your volumetric weight for you!

To make it easier you can even switch between inches and centimetres.


Cubic metres {{getCubicMeters(parcelLength, parcelWidth, parcelHeight) | number:2}}
Cubic feet {{getCubicFeet(parcelLength, parcelWidth, parcelHeight) | number:2}}
Effective weight {{getEffectiveWeight(parcelLength, parcelWidth, parcelHeight) | number:2}}kg

Restrictions per courier

EvriMax weight: 15 kg
Max length+girth: 2.25 m
InPostMax weight: 15 kg
Max length: 0.64 m
Collect+Max weight: 10 kg
Max dimensions: 60 x 50 x 50 cm
UPS Access PointMax weight: 20 kg
Max length: 0.8 m
NightlineMax weight: 15 kg
Max length: 1.2 m
DPDMax weight: 20 kg
Max length+girth: 2.45 m
YodelMax weight: 25 kg
Max length: 1.2 m
AscendiaMax weight: 15 kg
Max length: 1.2 m
DXMax weight: 20 kg
Max length: 1 m
Direct Entry (PacketPort)Max weight: 15 kg
Max length: 1.2 m
UK MailMax weight: 20 kg
Max length: 0.5 m
ParcelforceMax weight: 25 kg
Max length+girth: 3 m
StreetwiseMax weight: 30 kg
Max length: 1.6 m
TNTMax weight: 50 kg (surcharges after 20 kg)
Max length: 2 m (surcharges after 1.2 m)
UPSMax weight: 70 kg
Max length: 1.5 m
Menzies Highlands and IslandsMax weight: 25 kg
Max length: 1.25 m
OCSMax weight: 5 kg
Max length: 1.2 m
Norsk GlobalMax weight: 15 kg
Max length: 1.2 m
Impact ExpressMax weight: 15 kg
Max length: 1.2 m
FedEx ExpressMax weight: Varies on destination
Max length: 1.85 m
FastwayMax weight: 30 kg
Max length: 2 m

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