I do not know the weight and dimensions of my parcel. What should I enter?

It's important you declare your parcel as accurately as possible If you under-declare your parcel the courier may issue an additional charge. 

If you do not know the weights and dimensions you can check out a similar item online (weights and dimensions are often given in the description).

When obtaining a quote please be aware that the weight and dimensions entered need to include the packaging.

Sending an irregular shaped parcel?

If you are sending an irregular shaped parcel such as a guitar or bicycle you'll need to ensure that you calculate the dimensions correctly to avoid any charges or delays.

Please take the longest measurement for length, width and height for an accurate quote.

Volumetric weight

You should also be aware that couriers will often check your parcel's volumetric weight.

You can calculate your parcel's volumetric weight here.

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