What is an EORI number and how do I obtain one?

EORI stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification number.

This is a number used by customs to identify the sender of each parcel, which can help aid a more smooth and swift customs process.

Who needs an EORI number?

Any company that is moving goods between Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and the EU must provide an EORI number when booking.

If you’re based in the UK you must get an EORI number that starts with GB.

You may also need an EORI number starting with XI if you move goods to or from Northern Ireland.

How do I register for an EORI number? (VAT Registered in the UK)

Registration is quick and easy and can be done through the Gov website.

How do I register for an EORI number? (Not VAT Registered in the UK)

Non-VAT registered companies are now required to apply for an EORI number for exporting and importing.

Use the forms below to apply:-

Apply here if you're sending goods to a country outside the UK.

Apply here if you're receiving goods from a country outside the UK.

When will I receive my EORI number?

You’ll get your GB EORI number immediately unless HMRC needs to make any checks on your application. If they do, it can take up to 5 working days. An XI EORI takes up to 4 working days.

More information can be found on the Government website.

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