I am sending a parcel to eBay. What tracking should I expect to see?

WS13 8UR is the postcode for the eBay hub in the UK when using eBay's Global Shipping Programme.

The parcel will be sent to this address before it is sent on by eBay to the international delivery address.

If tracking indicates that your parcel has been delivered then the delivery has been made to the hub.

From here the delivery with Parcel2Go.com comes to an end and any questions after this should be directed to eBay themselves.


My eBay item tracks as delivered but my item hasn't been received.

If you’re sending a parcel to eBay’s UK distribution hub, you should see the following postcode in the tracking information: WS13 8UR

Once a parcel is delivered to WS13 8UR the parcel becomes buy's responsibility.  

If you're the recipient

We would advise you contact the sender through eBay.

If you're the sender

Please contact eBay directly.


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