Do the goods have to be palletised (put on a pallet) and what type of goods are suitable?

Yes, to enable you to use our pallet services, the goods must be transported using a pallet. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the goods are secured safely for transit. You would be amazed at what could be put on a pallet. Anything from domestic appliances, motor spares, building materials, furniture, the list is endless. The only goods we are unable to carry are hazardous goods.

A pallet will be presented at the collection point and under the driver's discretion, the customer will be given 10 - 15 minutes to pack and secure the goods safely on the pallet. Due to health and safety and liability, It is not the driver’s responsibility to place the goods on the pallet or help assist in packaging your pallet. Please note that large and heavy items do need securing with either ratchet straps or another form of strapping to ensure they are safe and secure during transit, this is not something we can provide. We are unable to supply empty pallets for the shipment of engines or personal house moves. These items will need to be pre-palletised prior to collection.

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