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Managing your delivery has never been easier. The majority of carriers now offer in-flight delivery management allowing you to make last minute changes to your delivery whilst it's traveling through the network. This guide covers the following:


Missed delivery

In-flight overview

Change address

Delivery to a neighbor

Delivery to a safe place

Collecting your parcel

Request a return



Missed your delivery?

If you’ve missed delivery, it’s likely that the driver will attempt again the day after the initial attempt, or your parcel may be taken to a local pickup point for collection.
We recommend you check our tracking page regularly for updates.

There may be some in-flight options available to you, depending on which courier has been chosen to deliver your parcel. 

To access in-flight options, you will need to have the courier tracking reference and the delivery post code handy. 



Find your courier tracking reference

  • Parcel2go tracking page
  • Confirmation email
  • Parcel label/barcode


In-flight Overview

In-flight options allow you to make an in transit change to your delivery offering you more flexibility and a delivery experience that is tailored around you. There's a range of different options available to suit your delivery needs whether you're planning ahead or in need a of a last minute solution, in-flight delivery options offer the best chance at a successful delivery. 

The table below lists each courier and their available in-flight options. The 'Go to In-flight' link should take you direct to tracking and inflight options for your chosen courier. 


  Address Change Neighbour Safe location Collect it Return to sender New delivery date In-Flight Link
Yodel Go to In-flight
Evri Go to In-flight
DPD Go to In-flight
DX Go to In-flight
Parcelforce Go to In-flight
DHL Go to In-flight



Change delivery address

This in-flight option allows you the chance to make a change to the delivery address, whether that's to correct an address error or provide a completely new address. The new address must be within the same catchment area covered by the original delivering depot. 


Deliver to a neighbour

This in-flight option offers you the chance to request delivery to a designated neighbour. Handy if you know you aren't going to be home.


Delivery to a safe place

Delivery to a safe location is an available solution however it is at the couriers own discretion whether they deem your selected 'safe location' safe enough. 


Collect your parcel

This is a great solution if you know you're not going to be in to receive delivery but don't want to wait or rearrange delivery for another day. The following options may be available to you if you choose to collect your parcel.


  • Collection from a local drop-shop or pickup point.
  • Collection from a locker.
  • Collection from a local depot.


Request a return

The option to request your parcel returned to sender may be available however it's important to note that once you have requested a return, it cannot be reversed and requesting a return to sender does not qualify you for a refund.

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