What should I do if I need to add special instructions to my order?

We can often pass on specific instructions to the courier before the collection date. However, if the collection date is today then the driver will already be en-route so we would be unable to pass on this information.

I would like the driver to call me

The driver may call the contact number provided on the order to assist with the collection. However, not all drivers are provided with company mobiles - as such a call is not guaranteed.

I would like to request a specific collection time frame

Our standard service collections are on an all-day basis and are not time-specific. 

We do offer 1 hour time windows with City Sprint, however, our same day courier for services with collection and delivery in the UK.

Alternatively, we offer a selection of Drop-off services, where you can take your item to a drop off point at your convenience.

Special instructions

If you need to add special instructions to your collection or delivery, we can contact the courier on your behalf.

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