My parcel has not been collected. What can I do?



My parcel hasn't been picked up and the estimated collection time has passed.

Our sincerest apologies for the unsuccessful collection of your parcel. Here are some of the options available to you:


Tracking is showing an attempted collection.

Keep in mind that sometimes the tracking system may temporarily glitch. If you still have the package, we would advise waiting for the estimated collection time to pass as tracking is updated once the parcel hits the collection depot.


The estimated collection time hasn't passed.

Nothing to worry about - if the collection is arranged for today, the driver must be on his way. Please make sure you know what the collection time window is for your service.


How do I know if the driver is on his way?

Unfortunately we do not have access to the driver or their collection logs and therefore cannot offer a more specific time for collections other than the generic time-frame for the service.

Collection times can vary depending on the service selected, these can be seen in the service description when placing the order and are confirmed in the confirmation email.


Can I still send my parcel today?

If you need to dispatch your parcel today, but you have missed the cut off for same day collections, you can switch to a drop-off service instead.




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