My parcel tracks as 'Delivered', however, it has not been received. What can I do?

We're sorry to hear your parcel has not been received as expected.

To be eligible for a loss claim:

- You must notify us within 28 days from when the parcel was collected or received by us.

- The item you sent must not appear on our prohibited items list.

Please rule out the possibilities suggested below:

- Have you checked with members of the same household?

- If your parcel has been sent to a works address, have you asked your colleagues?

- Have you asked your neighbours?

- Double-check any secure locations outside of your property (Such as garage, shed or porch).

If you're the recipient

Only the account holder can open a claim. Unless you booked this parcel with us, please contact the sender. They will contact us to make enquiries on your behalf.

If you're the sender

- Before engaging in a claim/enquiry please ask the recipient to rule out the possibilities above.

- To start the enquiry process, click here and enter the details of your parcel, and follow the on-screen instructions.

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