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When you need to get access to Westminster parcel delivery, and you need it quickly, Parcel2Go can put you or your business in a privileged position. We’re not talking about the UK seat of power, but the city in California which is named after this world-renowned part of our own capital city.
Westminster, California is a cosmopolitan town in Orange County, which has won national recognition and awards for the way it has integrated newcomers from diverse communities. The town was a popular settling place for Vietnamese refugees in the 1970s, who have now established their own distinct and vibrant enclave which has been given the official title of Little Saigon.
The area has become known worldwide, and the community has established an array of its own businesses, primarily shops, jewellery centres and restaurants, which have made the area an attraction for visitors in its own right.
Retail businesses employ by some way the most people in the city, with health care and social assistance, food and accommodation and manufacturing also playing important roles in the local economy.
Sending a parcel to any of the 88,000-plus residents or thousands of businesses in Westminster is easy and quick with the help of Parcel2Go. We have forged partnerships with the world’s leading courier companies, such as FedEx, UPS and TNT, which enable us to offer reliable worldwide shipping of all your consignments, and give easy access to the heart of Westminster – and many more towns and cities all over the world.
Through our long-standing ties with these major logistics operators, we have been able to negotiate parcel prices for express delivery and worldwide shipping which are often cheaper than you could obtain by dealing directly with them.
So give us a try today. Whether you run a business of any size sending regular, large consignments, or just want to send a parcel to a friend or family member to remind them that you are thinking of them, Parcel2Go is ready to work with you to ensure that it gets to where it is needed for the time it is promised.
Speak to a member of our LiveHelp team if you have any questions about arranging parcel delivery to Westiminster, otherwise you can book easily online, and your parcel will be collected at a convenient time during working hours.

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