Parcel2Go - Refund Policy

If you have any questions on the above, please contact us prior to sending your parcel.
  • Refunds will be provided based on the service definitions on the specific service selected at payment; please review your service definition.
  • Please note that refunds can’t be processed for any consequential loss.
  • Should a refund be appropriate, it shall be made back to the payment method originally used to book the transaction or into a prepay account with - refunds can only be processed to the contracted party who booked the order.
  • Refunds to PrePay can take 1-2 working days to process.
  • Refunds to the original payment method can take 5-7 working days as all refunds must undergo a process to ensure that no collection took place.

  • You have a maximum of 28 days from the date the order was placed to request a refund.

  • If the parcel has been collected or if the service has been carried out then we will not refund any additional add-ons, including; Parcel Protection, Delivery Guarantee premium, Signature and Text Message Notification.

  • Delivery Guarantee refund - If you select to add a delivery guarantee premium to your order, you will be entitled to a full refund of your carriage if your parcel has not been delivered by the date outlined upon purchasing a delivery guarantee option. We will not refund any additional add-ons, including; Parcel Protection, Delivery Guarantee premium, Signature and Text Message Notification.

    *Please note* For parcels dropped off after 12pm there will be an additional day added to the guaranteed delivery date.

    Delivery Guarantee date is calculated from the collection date, as such the stated date will not be valid if the collection or delivery was attempted or impaired.

Return Policy

1. From time to time a parcel may be returned directly to the Parcel2Go warehouse by a recipient. This includes, but is not limited to, when:

a. you do not accept receipt of that consignment;

b. you do not pay any outstanding charges; and/or

c. if the consignment is delivered and is Out of Gauge, for which you nor the recipient pay the underpayment.

2. When this occurs, we shall arrange for the parcel to be returned to the original sender which, depending on the reason for the return, may be chargeable. Circumstances where this may be chargeable include, but are not limited to, undelivered returns, underdeclared parcels and paid claims.

3. If our attempt to deliver the parcel to the original sender is unsuccessful, the parcel will automatically be returned to the Parcel2Go warehouse. Once received, we will email the original sender to confirm that our attempt to return the parcel was unsuccessful. Such email will confirm how to rearrange delivery of the parcel or collect the parcel from the Parcel2Go warehouse and explain what will happen if re-delivery is not arranged or the parcel is not collected.

4. Unless we state otherwise in any other communication we send, we will:

a. Store the Parcel at the Parcel2go warehouse for a maximum of 28 days; and

b. Contact the original sender with another reminder 21 days after our last unsuccessful attempt to return the parcel.

5. If within 28 days of our last unsuccessful attempt to return the parcel, the original sender has not responded to any of our communications or been in contact to arrange rearrange delivery or collection of the parcel, we shall be entitled to dispose of the parcel in whatever manner we deem appropriate.